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Fling is a very good move.......

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User Info: Alice_13

3 years ago#21
Alpha218 posted...
I like using Fling on Weavile holding a King's Rock for a flinch after Fake Out, catches many people by surprise

Considering Mega Mom is so popular in doubles I don't even bother sashing so it can gut me with PuP and get two boosts

In-game ai also does that.. it did surprise me..
Just Maybe If I Pray Enough, hmm..

User Info: Alpha218

3 years ago#22
Ignoring any other factors Role Play Greninja is awful because you're not attacking the turn you send it out... And a Greninja that doesn't kill its target is as good as dead because it's glass cannon
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  3. Fling is a very good move.......

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