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Ash vs. Smogon: Ep. 4 - Change.

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User Info: Muffinz0rz

3 years ago#1
Link to ep. 1 (Archived):
Link to ep. 2:
Link to ep. 3:
Link to ep. 3.5:

I'm weak. I'm pathetic. My friends betrayed me. My Pokémon are dead. My journey is over. It was over from day one. I'm nothing.

It's time for change. It's time to begin anew. The day Professor Oak gave me Pikachu was the beginning of my journey to become a Pokémon master. Well is the real day one.

Day one....of my journey to bring revenge to everyone on this god-forsaken planet.

Narrator: Ash, having lost now six of his Pokémon, is at a dead end. He is lost in the wilderness. Out of Pokémon, and out of hope. As he laments the end of his journey, he wanders aimlessly through the jungle, waiting for something to change.

Ash (muttering to himself): Why am I still alive? I shouldn't be here anymore. I had my fun. I had my victories. I knew it would eventually come to an end, but why so soon? I began my journey at ten years old, and it ends while I'm still only ten? I've wanted to be a Pokémon master my entire life, but it's over before I even turn 11?

As Ash drags his feet through the dirt path in the forest, he notices something glisten beneath the underbrush a few meters off the path. Figuring that he has nothing to lose, he walks over, kicks aside the plants, and uncovers a sheathed sword, with a small bit of metal sticking out and shimmering in the sun. The sheath is brown and designed with several interconnecting ovals. Its yellow guard forms a perfect U-shape. Brushing off the dirt reveals a design that resembles a closed eye. Connected to the bottom is a long blue fabric.

Ash: A sword? What the heck is this? *He looks around, anticipating a Team Rocket trap of sorts.*

This must be a sign. I only just decided to seek revenge, and I find a sword not two minutes later? This is just the affirmation I need that it's time for change.

Ash reaches down and picks up the sword by its hilt. He slowly unsheathes the shining, steel blade and runs his finger down the length of the flat side. His finger leaves no smears or smudges. It's extremely light for a sword of such high metal quality.

For fun, Ash decides to give it a swing. He slices down a few stray weeds. He is awestruck at the power he feels coursing through his body.

Ash (shouting with confidence): gosh...This is amazing! I feel incredible! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I can win! I feel great! I-CAN-DO-THIS! YEEAAAHH!! I'm ALIVE! This is all a miracle! I'm AWAKE! I'm WIIIDE AWAKE!!! Hahahahah---HAHAHAHHAHH! *Ash continues to laugh maniacally*

Suddenly, he feels the hilt begin to vibrate. He looks down at the hilt and the closed-eye design moves and transforms into an open eye.

Ash: Huh? What's happening?

The sword shoots from Ash's hand away from him and comes to rest, somehow floating in the air. Ash stares in disbelief as the blade uses its blue fabric to take the sheath from Ash's other hand. After staring at the sword for a few seconds, Ash freaks out and sprints back down the dirt path. The sword suddenly reappears in front of him and he almost runs smack into it.

Ash: What...what is this? What do you want from me?

The sword remains floating, unmoving. The eye blinks twice and the sword, holding its sheath with the blue fabric, gestures to Ash's Pokédex at his side.

Ash: A...Pokémon? This thing is a Pokémon? I've never even heard of this! And it somehow knows what a Pokédex is...this must be one smart Pokémon. I'd better be careful not to make it angry, or it's lights out for me!
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User Info: Muffinz0rz

3 years ago#2
Ash slowly grabs the Pokédex from his pocket, opens it up, and scans the floating sword.

Pokédex (From Y - no description from the anime): Honedge, the sword Pokémon. If anyone dares to grab its hilt, it wraps a blue cloth around that person's arm and drains that person's life energy completely.

Ash: Drain a person's life force? So I could have been killed!? But, I felt the exact opposite! I felt like the Honedge was giving me energy! (to Honedge) What do you want from me? How come you didn't steal my energy?

Honedge slowly floats towards Ash, staring at him with its unblinking eye.

Am I special? Maybe it senses that I seek revenge and wants to help me! Why would it make me feel so great if it didn't intend to drain my energy?

Ash: Do you want to help me?

Honedge blinks its eye in affirmation and moves up and down, resembling the nod of a human head.

Ash: You want to help me seek revenge against all those who have crossed me?

Honedge continues its affirming motion, seeming to relish the idea of revenge.

Ash: This is’re amazing! I don't have any Poké balls though, so I can't ca--

Honedge vanishes and reappears with its eye inches from Ash's own eyes. Ash flinches as he feels the anger radiating from Honedge.

Ash (sweating): Woah, okay then, no Poké ball for you! I have no problem with that! I once had a companion who hated his Poké ball too…Don't worry, I promise I won't make you go inside a Poké ball. Deal?

Honedge floats a few inches back from Ash's face. It "nods" and floats down towards Ash's hands, hilt-side first. Ash feels the uncontrollable urge to grab it. He uses his right hand to grab the hilt and feels the familiar energy flowing into every fiber of his being.

Ash: Honedge, you and I are going to take back what was lost. If it wasn't for you, I'd still be crying in the jungle. We're going to bring revenge to this entire planet and everyone on it!

Ash feels the energy surge within him as he talks to Honedge. He figures they'll be able to communicate based on the energy surges from Honedge. Ash returns to the path and begins walking back to Petalvine City.

This is my destiny. Let's show them what we're made of.

As he walks down the path, Honedge in hand, Ash feels his confidence at an all-time high. No victory had ever felt as satisfying as he feels now.

Ash hears a crackling in the bushes on the side of the road. He turns around just in time to see his old nemesis Joey emerge from the brush, looking happy as he explores the wilderness in his t-shirt and shorts. At the top of his lungs, Ash lets loose a blood-curdling scream:


Flinching, Joey turns around and stands, speechless with fear, as Ash slowly approaches him with Honedge in hand.

Joey (stammering): Ash...Ash Ketchum from P-P-Pallet T-Town...How...what are you...

Ash: QUIET. You don't know how lucky you are. You said something about a rematch, right? And we're currently establishing eye contact, right? That means it's time for a battle!

Joey: B-B-But I....I---*Ash notices Joey's pants becoming wet*

Ash: Oh, what's the matter? You don't want to battle? That sure sounds familiar, doesn't it? I think I know someone who also wanted to skip a battle once! I wonder what happened to him? Oh yeah, that's right! His Charizard was KILLED! *Ash feels the energy surging in his body*

Joey! P-P-Please! *Joey turns around and sprints away*

Ash: Honedge, use Retaliate!

Honedge disappears from Ash's hand and reappears in Joey's path, where it delivers a swift and true slash clean through Joey's heart.
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User Info: Muffinz0rz

3 years ago#3
196+ Atk (Lv. 30) Honedge Retaliate vs. 4 HP / 0 Def Youngster Joey: 666-1337 (16650 - 33425%) -- guaranteed OHKO

Joey freezes dead in his tracks with the same frightened look on his face. He stands mid-stride, unmoving as his heart is ripped clean out of his body. Honedge disappears and reappears in front of Ash's right hand. As soon as Ash closes his hand around the grip, Joey falls to the ground, eyes still open as blood soaks the dirt around him. Somehow, not a drop of blood stains Honedge's blade. Ash smirks, grabs Joey's money, and continues back towards the city.

Relishing the power, Ash slices through everything in sight. He brings down entire trees with one fell swoop of Honedge's blade. Every cut brings more surges of intense energy through his body. He notices trainers down the path, all of whom look straight down in order to avoid eye contact. Those who are smart enough to do so are left alone. Those who are paralyzed by fear and unable to move their eyes from Ash are sliced down on the spot. They don't even get a chance to call forth their Pokémon.

That was me once. I used to be a lemming. Now look how they fear me. I don't care what everyone thinks of me. This is a new journey. And Joey was just the table of contents.

Mysterious voice: That was the corniest one-liner I've ever heard.

Ash stops in his tracks and looks around, eager to slice down the one who dared to mock him.

Ash: Who's there? Who said that? Show yourself!!

Voice: It's me. Honedge. So long as I remain in your hand, I can manifest an unheard voice into your head. Nobody else can hear it, so quit dancing around looking for someone who doesn't exist.

Ash: Honedge? You're talking to me?

Honedge: Yes. In battle, however, since I won't be in your hands, you'll have to continue shouting orders like a normal trainer. But as our connection grows, soon you will learn to communicate back to me without verbal commands. You needn't even speak out loud while I'm in your hand. Just think about me and all of your thoughts will be heard.

Ash (in his thoughts): So now I'm thinking about you, all I have to do is...think, right? Are you hearing me?

Honedge: Yes, Ash. Now let us continue and find the ones you call Brock and Misty.

Ash: How did you know I was after them?

Honedge: I've been in your hand for a few hours now. I already know your entire plan. You seek revenge. First from Brock and Misty, since they're probably still nearby. Then you plan to travel back to the Pokémon League and destroy the corrupt system.

Ash: That's...right. But what am I going to do? I've never even won a tournament, how am I supposed to defeat the entire corporation?

Honedge: You've never win a league tournament, but have you ever wondered WHY? They've kept you from winning for years due to their rigged system. They want to keep you from coming too powerful, so they rig the RNG system against you. When that doesn't work, they throw in trainers called "hackers," those who use legendary Pokémon. Remember the one called Tobias? There's only one Darkrai, one Latios in the world, do you really think someone powerful enough to capture legendaries would compete in such a petty competition?

Ash: I see...but what is the RNG system? What does it do? And how are they able to use it against me?

Honedge: RNG is a system that...well it...never mind, there will be plenty of time to explain it to you after this. We're almost back at the gym already.

Ash doesn't even notice that they are back in the city. He walks to the gym, takes a deep breath, and kicks down the door.
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User Info: Muffinz0rz

3 years ago#4

Ash's voice echoes in the empty arena. Honedge in hand, he listens, hoping for Brock to be manning his gym like a responsible gym leader would. Ash hears a man's voice from right behind him.

Voice: I'm sorry sir, but the gym leader is on temporary leave. You'll have to wait for him to come back.

Ash whirls around, brings Honedge straight above his head and threatens to slice straight through the man. The old man flinches, loses his balance and falls backwards onto the ground.

Ash (in a mocking voice): This system of "gyms", "badges", "champions"'s all a bunch of bogus. I don't care about winning a stinking piece of metal. I want to see the man in charge!

Man: P-Please sir, have mercy! I will contact Brock right away! *He presses a button on his belt* There, you see? That w-w-was my emergency button! It sends a signal straight to the leader's p-pager! Brock is under league orders to return to the gym whenever this signal is sent! Now please, have some fresh water while you wait! He will be back very soon.

The terrified old man pulls a bottle of water out of nowhere and extends it to Ash. He uses Honedge to slice clean through the bottle, spilling water all over the ground and the old man. The man struggles to his feet and hobbles out of the gym, through the hole where the door used to me.

Honedge: You let him go?

Ash: He's old, he'll be gone soon enough. Let him live out his meaningless years in peace.

Honedge: Fair enough. I sense the one called Brock nearby. He'll be walking through the door in a moment.

Lo and behold, Brock emerges in the doorway, examines the fallen door, and steps into the arena.

Brock: Ash? Where have you been? We've been searching everywhere for you! Where did you get that sword?

Ash (sarcastically): I'm sure you were searching soooo very hard. You didn't even give a crap. What kind of pitiful search party were you leading?

Brock: We... we were--

Ash: Never mind, I don't even care any more. I challenge you to a battle. Not a gym battle, but a real one. I'm here to end the corrupt system that generates pathetic failures and encourages them to "win the Pokémon League"... what a joke.

Brock: Ash, you need to calm down...something's not right about you.

Ash: Did I freakin' stutter? I SAID, BATTLE!!

A bead of sweat drips down Brock's head as he walks towards the other side of the arena.

Honedge: He's nervous. He knows he's no match. Let's do away with him and be on our way. There are more important things to do than commit petty murders.

Ash: You got it.

In the back of his head, Ash knows that all of his power is from Honedge. He knows that, since he never technically caught Honedge, that it could turn on him at any time. Then he would know true powerlessness - having all the power in the world, then losing it. He knows not to cross Honedge, or his journey would be futile.

Brock (out of habit): This will be a three on three battle. Substitutions can be--

Ash: Hah! Enough of your bogus rules, send out as many Pokémon as you want! I'm not interested in rules. I'm here to tear down your pathetic rules and bring this whole corporation crumbling to the ground!

Brock: Ash, they only exist to keep everything fair. Without them, all sorts of hell would break loose! Don't you get it?

Ash: Power comes from the connections we share with our Pokémon, and nobody can tell me what I can and cannot do. Now enough of this nonsense.

Ash: Let's tear him apart.
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User Info: Muffinz0rz

3 years ago#5
Brock: Fine, Ash. Have it your way. If this is how it ends, then so be it. I just never knew this is how we would separate.

Ash: I'm going to separate your head from your shoulders unless you hurry up and send out a Pokémon!

Honedge: Enough with the one-liners. At least run them by me before you say whatever crosses your mind.

Ash: Right...will do. Let's go get him.

Honedge drifts from Ash's hand, severing their mental connection.

Brock: Skarmory, I choose you!

Brock reaches into his pocket and throws out an Ultra ball. Skarmory bursts out and screeches in confidence.

Brock: Ash, you of all people should have thought ahead before challenging me again. You expect a physically-based steel type to even leave a dent in Skarmory?

Ash: poor lemming...Honedge, Shadow Sneak!

Honedge disappears. Brock and Skarmory have no idea where Honedge disappeared to. Only Ash knows where Honedge went. The blue fabric attached to Honedge's pommel is fading through from Skarmory's body. Brock suddenly realizes where Honedge is - only it's too late.

Ash: Honedge, Retaliate!

196+ Atk Ash's Honedge Retaliate vs. 252 HP / 232+ Def Skarmory: 666-1337 (199.4 - 400.3%) -- guaranteed OHKO

As soon as Ash finishes speaking, Honedge rips out from inside Skarmory's body, tearing out all the metal and the core that makes Skarmory operate. Skarmory falls from the air, dead before it hits the ground.

Brock: I....what

Ash: When you live your life following the rules, you never realize the true power in Pokémon. There are no "levels", no "stats" or "EVs". Just Pokémon. Now, I'm going to give you the same chance you gave me. Would you like to concede now and admit that you're nothing more than a slave to the Pokémon League's corruption? Or would you like me to singlehandedly tear you and the rest of your team apart?

Brock (falls to his knees): I concede! Please, don't destroy my team!

Ash: Smart man, you are. I sure wish I had the brains you do last time I faced you. *Ash turns around to leave*...But before I go...

*Honedge disappears and reappears at Brock's throat, gently cutting into the first layer of skin*

Ash: You're a smart man, Brock. Get yourself out of this dystopian corporation and fight for yourself! Don't fight for the league, don't fight to level up...take control of your own life!

Brock (frozen in fear): P-P-Please, Ash. Don't--

Ash: I'm not here to kill you, Brock. I just want you to know how it feels to lose your best friends. Make the right choice, Brock. Be true to yourself. If you continue working with the Pokémon League, I'll have to come back and take you out like I will to the rest of them. Do you understand me?

Brock: Y-Yes! Please, I'll leave the corporation b-b-behind, just please don't kill me!

Ash: Good move. Honedge, let's go.

Honedge disappears and reappears in Ash's grip. He walks out of the gym, relishing the sound of his former best friend's sobbing behind him.

Honedge: Congratulations, Ash. For once in your life, you have true purpose. Becoming a Pokémon master is nothing but false hope for young kids like you. Now, I have a present for you.

Ash: A present?

Honedge floats out of Ash's hand and moves in front of his face. It begins glowing white and shifting into an amorphous blob. A few seconds pass and the white blob vanishes.

Ash: Honedge? What's happening??

Ash feels something in each hand. He instinctively closes his hands and feels like he's holding two Honedges. Only he knows he's not. And he doesn't even need his Pokédex to know...

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User Info: Muffinz0rz

3 years ago#6
Ash: Doublade...amazing. The power I'm feeling has literally doubled! I'm on top of the world right now! Doublade, we can do anything!

Doublade: Careful, Ash. You need to proceed cautiously, now.

Ash: Why? We can slice down the entire Pokémon League and then some! Anyone who stands in our way -- we can decimate!

Doublade: Don't let this power into your head, Ash. You know your goal. Don't lose sight of it. *Doublade floats both blades out of Ash's hands and crosses them in front of his face*. You're going to learn some things on this journey. Things about me, things about battling, even things you may have seen in the past that didn't make will learn to understand. They will change your entire perspective of the Pokémon universe.

Ash: I understand. I'm sorry, I just got a little carried away is all. What kinds of things are you talking about?

Doublade: In time, Ash. In time. For now, Let's get to the Pokémon League headquarters. They're located in a little village called Nogoms Town.

Ash: Nogoms Town? I've never even heard of that place. I wonder why they put it in the middle of nowhere.

Doublade: They don't want to be found. Now let's get going, it actually isn't too far from here. Also, notice anything different?

Ash: You mean besides the fact that there are two of you?

Doublade: I'm not in your hands, but we're communicating in thought.

Ash: Wow! Incredible! I didn't even notice!

Doublade: Yup. But before we go, Ash, there's something you need to know. It's about my final evolution.

Ash: What's that?

Doublade: ...It's been...It requires a Dusk Stone. We need to stop somewhere and purchase one. I can sense a lot of stones nearby...they're coming from that mart over there. Follow me.

Ash follows Doublade into the stone mart. The store has a funky smell to it, like a Skuntank was giving birth to a block of month-old cheese. Ash and Doublade are greeted by a clerk. He's dressed in colorful clothing and has a vacant, empty stare in his eyes, but a smile on his face nonetheless.

Clerk: Woah, cool swords bro. You interested in getting stones today?

Ash: Yes please, I'll take one Dusk Stone.

Clerk: Far out, that'll be ¥250.

Ash: Here's ¥300.

Clerk: Would you like to donate your change to help the hungry children?

Ash: I...Ugh, I hate when they do this. I feel terrible for saying no since it's right here...

Doublade: Just do isn't going to matter soon enough.

Ash: It won't? ...Hang on... Yeah, go ahead and donate it.

Clerk: The children appreciate your donation, brother. Here's your stone. Keep it real!

Ash: Thanks, you too. What a weirdo. Anyways, you ready to evolve?

Doublade: Ash, as soon as I evolve, everything is going to change. There's a reason that you found me. There's a reason that you're the one I chose to go take down Smo--the Pokémon League. Are you sure you're ready?

Ash: I'm ready. Let's do it.

Ash holds up the Dusk Stone to Doublade. The stone is absorbed into Doublade as it turns into the familiar amorphous blob for a few seconds, and emerges as a shield and a sword....Aegislash.

Ash hardly has time to enjoy his fully evolved Aegislash when sirens start blaring everywhere.

Clerk: Oh s***, f***ing cops! *Sprints out the back door*

Aegislash: It's begun, Ash.
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User Info: Muffinz0rz

3 years ago#7
Ash: Begun? What's begun? What's going on?

Aegislash: Ash, the Pokémon League is the least of our concerns. They're merely puppets to a far superior corporation that threatens to change the entire Pokémon world as we know it.

Ash: So why are they outside?

Aegislash: Ash...I've been banned.

Ash: Banned? What does that have to do with--wait, where have I heard that recently?

Aegislash: Smogon controls the Pokémon world in its entirety. It first began as a small group of people who thought building ideal movesets and stats would prove beneficial for the Pokémon world. Little by little, they took all the diversity out of the world of Pokémon. As Smogon gained power and more people learned about them, the world soon turned into Smogon vs. Non-Smogon. People either used Smogon sets and won, or non-Smogon sets. Those who used non-Smogon sets were viewed as inferior, that they were using the "wrong" sets because Smogon established themselves as the ultimate, all-knowing corporation.

The_Dragonw (over a megaphone): Pokémon trainer Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, my name is Officer The_Dragonw. We have you surrounded. You are being found guilty of using an uber Pokémon in OU territory. Please step outside with your Aegislash in plain sight, and this will all be over soon.

Ash: But Pokémon isn't about being the very best like no one ever was, it's about using your favorite Pokémon, or ones you think are cool! If you build a connection with Pokémon you truly like, THEN you can beat anyone! Winning comes second to taking the time to appreciate and develop connections with your Pokémon.

Aegislash: That's what Pokémon was originally meant to be. As Smogon gained precedence, not only were non-ideal movesets becoming shunned, but entire Pokémon were being given zero attention! Their "stats" were sub-par compared to others, so everyone thought, "Why bother using the ones with inferior stats?" Ash, people only care about winning or losing, and that's the simple truth. Smogon capitalized on this idea and is using it to control the entire world, including the Pokémon League. And what do you think happens when a Pokémon is considered "too good" and Smogon can't find a way to beat it?

Ash: It...gets banned...

The_Dragonw (megaphone): I repeat, Ash Ketchum from Pallet town, please step outside or we will be forced to take action!

Aegislash: Precisely. THAT'S why I was hiding in the forest so close to Nogoms Town. THAT'S why I chose you. Because I could sense that winning wasn't your first priority.

Ash: This is too much to are we going to get out of here?

Aegislash: Remember what I said - I'm banned because they can't beat me. I'll Shadow Sneak behind them and catch them by surprise. I need you to slowly walk out with your hands up, acting like you've surrendered, while I take them all out from behind. Grab a Poké ball from the mart's stock and pretend that I'm inside it.

Ash: Okay. We can do this, right? We can beat Smogon.

Aegislash: Together, we can. Let's get down to business to defeat the huns.
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User Info: Muffinz0rz

3 years ago#8
Aegislash: Wait to hear from me before you step outside. I need to gauge the situation first.

Aegislash disappears from the mart. Ash grabs an empty Pokéball from behind the counter and holds it tight in his hand. He squats behind the counter, waiting for Aegislash.

Ash: Aegislash? You okay?

Aegislash: I'm about to make my move. I need you to walk outside now. Hold the Poké ball above your head.

Ash follows Aegislash's orders. He raises both hands above his head and slowly walks out into the light. His eyes adjust to the bright sun and he sees dozens and dozens of police officers, each lined up with a Smeargle that can use any attack it so chooses.

Officer The_Dragonw (on the megaphone): Hold your fire! Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, I need you to place the Poké ball on the ground, very slowly.

Aegislash: Do as he says. Slowly.

Ash slowly moves the ball towards the ground while observing the situation. He sees Officer The_Dragonw screeching through a megaphone from behind the lines of officers. Ash notices Aegislash snooping around behind all the officers.

Aegislash: Now throw it.

Ash: What??


Ash throws the ball up into the air.

Officer The_Dragonw: Smeargles, use Sp--hurrkkk....

Ash looks back at The_Dragonw and sees him, but he's missing a head. Aegislash disappears from sight as soon as Ash notices, and the rest of the officers are distracted by the Poké ball, expecting Aegislash to emerge from it. Meanwhile, Aegislash slowly takes out the officers who noticed their fallen megaphone comrade. The Poké ball flies through the air, lands on the ground, and remains stationary. Aegislash continues taking out officers one by one.

Officers (chattering with each other): Was there even an Aegislash? Is it somewhere else? Do these pants make my butt look good? Did Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town remember to press the button on the ball? Someone go touch it.

One brave officer and his Smeargle slowly approach the ball. Meanwhile, Aegislash has silently taken out nearly half of the officers at the scene. The officer presses the button on the ball and jumps back as it opens, but nothing comes out. All of the attention is turned back on Ash.

Random officer A: Alright kid, where's the Aegislash?

Ash: I...What do I say?

Aegislash: Do me a favor and point up onto the roof.

Officer A: I'll ask again, where is he? Or I'll be forced to Spore you!

Ash points up onto the roof, where Aegislash is floating. The officers see it, but before they get a chance to react, Aegislash flies down at incredible speeds, using Sacred Sword on every Smeargle and officer in sight, leaving corpse after corpse.

Officer: Smeargle, use Spore!

Aegislash, Shadow Sneaking and Sacred Swording all the officers, expects Aegislash to fall asleep any second. Spore has 100% accuracy, and he and Aegislash both know it. Suddenly, Ash begins to feel very drowsy.

Ash: No...Aegislash, you've gotta...hurry...Smogon...Pikachu...

Ash's world fades into darkness as he succumbs to the sleeping effects of the Spore.

Narrator: Ash has fallen asleep while Aegislash fights for both of their lives! Will they succeed in toppling Smogon? Or will Ash's new companion be stripped from him, just like the rest? Find out, on the next episode of DRAGON BALL Z.
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User Info: NinjaSeviper

3 years ago#9
Then they lived happily ever after
Hank bring the Propain
Hank hill for smash 2014

User Info: 17Master

3 years ago#10
Tfw interested in a story about Ash
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