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Why is blaziken still banned?

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User Info: MalkyeaImbak

3 years ago#1
Blaziken is still a great pokemon granted but this gen it has even more stops than last gen,

Blaziken with any stat boosts is going to run away from the OP talon bird,

Baton pass was nerfed like hell already, so Baton pass blaziken can only do but so much

There are like 8 prankster pokemon with TWAVE, how is speed boost still a issue


Intimidate still scares blaziken (except them RARE RARE sp atk ones)

Scarf leads tend to be blaziken leads

Unaware much?

Substitute on protects/swords dance

For fun, you can stop it with Delphox lol (unless stone edge), Victini, Chandelure

while knock off is a thing this means blaziken losses protect or swords dance, blaziken without swords dance is good but nothing amazing, blaziken without protect has to be smart

Priority moves


The ancient Trick Room

Bulky Wata Types (Swampert, Gyarados, Azumarill, Jellicent, Tentacruel, Qwilfish lol) or Just defensive mon that aren't weak to fire/fighting (hippowdon, Gliscor, Cofaigurius, Torkoal lol)

I understand that speed boost can be a difficult ability to deal with but honestly speaking its not really that difficult to deal with this gen. Stealth rocks overcentralizes the game if anything. Every team made has in mind (I need defog/rapid spin, I need hazards/rocks). I think blaziken should be retested man.

Most people would argue it hits hard, but darmantian hits harder. It hit hard and gets speed boost, it doesn't just have a boosted speed (it takes a turn to boost its speed) in that turn you can predict/set up a counter measure or something. Darmanitan and Victini just starts off fast with scarf with the same atk force. ANY pokemon sweeps well after setting up, ever battle a + 2 excadrill in the sand? or a +2 mega mawile/Mega gyara? Even a DD dragonite displays a major wrecking force. Those mons are just as OP as blaziken and takes the same amount of set up time (1 turn)

Things like Heatran are much more annoying to deal imo.
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User Info: WaffleSenpai

3 years ago#2
Lol I was playing in users and stopped blaziken right in its tracks by using encore on my alakazam and locking him into protect. He eventually disconnected.
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User Info: Blizzardhail

3 years ago#3
Really stale and bad bait
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User Info: gamepimp12

3 years ago#4
Because smart blaziken play means you lose to either him... Or who ever he baton passes too.
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User Info: tutti

3 years ago#5
At least for the official tournaments, it's banned because it's not in the Kalos dex.
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User Info: Latias007

3 years ago#6
It's overcentralising and has absurd counters in OU. Although barely, it unfortunately fulfils the requisites of a ban.
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User Info: supremeblaster

3 years ago#7
I actually agree with most of what you said. Good points.
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User Info: hodelino

3 years ago#8
Blaziken was the reason why I put Protect on my Rock Types but then I discovered Chandelure whichcould handle most of them chickens.

I love Blaziken btw
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User Info: wellington

3 years ago#9
calling all chess fans

User Info: RPninesixfour

3 years ago#10
y'know if blaziken were a legendary i really doubt we would have all these "why is blaziken banned" threads. I mean a lot of your points apply to arceus bug/grass/fight, deoxys n/a, and genesect but you never see any clamoring to unban them. ¬_¬ |
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