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Masuda method and destiny/everstone.

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User Info: aparchee

3 years ago#1
After trawling boards and forums it seems no-one knows whether the two items affect the Masuda method. Some say yes some say no but nothing offers actual proof.
Some people have hatched shinies this way and some have been quick, maybe the method's odds are decreased using the items rather than directly cancelling a chance of a shiny.
I've bred eggs for a few months now on and off and started just messing with eggs and parents etc without held items.

Shiny Honedge 1st egg.
Shiny Furfrou 9th egg.
Shiny Charmander 78th egg.

I then decided to try iv breeding and started with Mareep, having never tried this and it being my 1st Pokemon game on my son's advice lol it took me a while to get a 6iv Mareep. I used the destiny and everstone and hatched over 500 eggs to get a 6iv of which none of the eggs were shiny. I then tried with Scatterbug and hatched over 300 plus extras after the 4 6ivs trying to get a shiny and nothing.

Am currently after a shiny Ekans and stopped counting after 3000 eggs and that was 5 days ago and have hatched probably another 1000 plus since. Have 8 6iv Ekans but still no shiny.

I have the shiny charm and have had since the start of breeding and the oval charm for speeding eggs up etc, whether the shiny charm affects Masuda is still unknown to me.

I will continue the elusive Ekans hatching and start counting again to see if I can get one.
Obviously 3000+ is still a small example and every hatch is the same chance as the last but seems very contrasting the shinies gained using nothing and the shinies gained using held items.

Unlucky maybe, currently have just under 900 hrs played and have over 100 shinies from mostly friend safari or hordes including 9 shiny Mareep from hordes and my son says my game is broken and gives too many shinies, maybe not in the case of Masuda.

If anyone has any definitive proof the items don't affect the method I'd love to know.
3ds FC 1263-6872-0857 IGN Ben
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