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Think Of Your Favourite Pokemon Before Entering

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User Info: InsomniaHazard

3 years ago#41
It would affect my daily life by...being my favorite Pokemon. This would be awesome!
I'm fairly certain people would notice a disembodied head floating around me, yes.
Misdreavus would help me...I dunno, pull pranks on people?
3DS FC: 3797-6358-0711 Ghost-type FS(Pumpkaboo, Lampent, Drifblim)
--Floor ice cream gives you health!--

User Info: AA1969

3 years ago#42
My favorite pokemon is Umbreon, but I don't think he would be all that difficult to deal with, really.

I would actually have to care for it, so I would need to read up on "How to train (and care for) your cat/rabbit".

Despite being an abnormally large feline rabbit, I don't think people would find it too strange. Although it might freak people out, when its yellow rings start to shine in the moonlight.

Well, Umbreon is a really bulky, sturdy pokemon, so I don't doubt it could come to my aid, if I ever happen to end up in trouble. And it would likely be a joy to have it wandering around the house, lightning the mood, and whatnot.

User Info: Charxsetsuna

3 years ago#43

I think
People would notice

He would help me by doing anything a human could and more because he has hands and fingers to pick things up with
If char and amuro had a child then would they make charumo

User Info: fahademon

3 years ago#44
We'd threaten people and rob banks

$$$ = More games
We'd play those games all day long

3DS FC:3222-6949-4801 | IGN:Fahadus,TSV:2847 |
"People are d**** and/or dumb until proven otherwise" ~ InfiniteLoop8

User Info: JARman712

3 years ago#45
Gardevoir or Lopunny

Stuff... Ya' know... Umm, games! Yeah that works! "Games"...

In all honesty Braixen is my favorite, and I would probably play with it and have it telepathically send math homework answers into my mind and remind me of stuff.

User Info: Linebeckable

3 years ago#46
Scizor... That would be AWESOME!
He would help keeping my brothers and sisters from annoying me all the time. ( I have 6 brothers and sisters... )
A mansized metal mantis? Only the blind would miss it.
As I said, it will keep annoying people away with Bullet punches.
3DS FC: 5241 2061 1520 IGN: Geshou Shiny value: 3614
Friend safari: Helioptile, Dedenne and Galvantula.

User Info: HarryBotter14

3 years ago#47
Favorite Pokemon: Aggron

I'd say that my life just got better. I mean, Pokemon just got real!

People would make weird faces, but i could say that i've cladded my pet bear in Armor

Aggron could help me with my garden!
"You can't rush the seduction of a lady"
Carl Johnson

User Info: ChicagoTed_

3 years ago#48
My pet is a ninja.

I ask it to teach me the ways of the ninja.

Now I am a ninja.
3DS FC: 3566-2918-7977 | IGN: Bunny
MGM Electric Gym Leader - Tesla Badge

User Info: Gameandwatch2

3 years ago#49

I now have the coolest pet I could ever ask for it. I'd end up having to spend a lot of money on food for it, but I'd think it's worth every penny.

People would obviously notice it, considering that dragons don't normally exist and what not.

I'd have it fly me wherever my heart desires, and it can help with heavy lifting.
Black 2 FC: 3654-8394-0937
3DS FC: 4511-1815-7291 (Flying Safari: Swanna, Spearow, Doduo)
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