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Ash vs. Smogon: Ep. 5 - All or Nothing.

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User Info: Muffinz0rz

3 years ago#1
Link to ep. 1 (Archived):
Link to ep. 2 (Archived):
Link to ep. 3 (Archived):
Link to ep. 3.5 (Archived):
Link to ep. 4:

I can't wait to become a Pokémon Master....tomorrow's my first day...Squirtle, Charmander, or Bulbasaur?...I can't decide....They're all gone?...Pikachu is the only one left...Okay, I'll take it.....We're going to be friends forever!....Hey, what's that big, deer-like Pokémon?


Wait, something's different...Pikachu, you've gotta dodge again....Pikachu....


Ash shoots awake in terror, shivering and dripping sweat all over the cement floor. He frantically searches the small jail cell for his Pikachu, briefly forgetting about the events that recently transpired.

Ash slowly adjusts to reality again. He looks around and finds himself in a small, gray jail cell with a tiny cot and metal toilet. Looking outside the bars, he sees another unoccupied cell across the hall. Ash begins piecing together his foggy memories, still drowsy from the effects of the Spore.

Ash (to himself): I was at the stone mart...then the Smogon police appeared...Aegislash was attacking them...Aegislash! Where's Aegislash!?

Ash (attempting to establish mental communication): Aegislash! Where are you? What happened? Can you hear me?

Aegislash (faintly):'s over. We gave them one hell of a run, though. You should be proud that we left such a dent in their forces. I'm not going to be able to help you anymore. It's up to you to finish them while they're reeling.

Ash: No! Where are you? I can try to find a way out of here and save you! Please, don't let them take you!

Aegislash: It's okay, Ash. They're about to use the banhammer, which will send me to uber territory. I'm going to be sent to Distortion World with the rest of the banned Pokémon. But don't worry about me. It's not just about us anymore. It's about rescuing all of the Pokémon from uber territory...It's about bringing back those "never-used" Pokémon back from the's up to you to set us all free and return the world to the way it was meant to be.

Ash: But...I'm so weak without you...I was a zombie before I found you in the forest...what am I supposed to do now?

Aegislash: Find another Pokémon to help you. As long as Smogon exists, there will always be Pokémon that will get banned. Find the next one in line for the banhammer. It'll be just as strong as me, if not stronger, because Smogon can't beat it. You're in charge now, Ash. It's up t--

Ash: Aegislash??

Ash's Pokédex begins to vibrate and plays a message.

Pokédex: Your call was rejected for the following reasons:
- Aegislash is in Uber, which is banned. Please try again later.

Ash tries and tries to re-establish connection with Aegislash, but every time he does, the Pokédex continues to play the same error message.

Ash: Well, that's it...Aegislash is banned....I don't even know what to do....where I...

Ash's mourning is interrupted by the opening of another cell door, followed by the subsequent slamming of someone or something getting thrown into the cell.

Ash: Hey! This isn't fair! Let me out of here!

Voice (from cell next to Ash's): think you're the one in trouble? Get real.
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User Info: Muffinz0rz

3 years ago#2
Ash: Hey, who said that? What's your name? Why are you here?

Voice: Man, what's with the third degree? Just chill out and I'll explain everything. I'd rather talk face-to-face, so hold on a sec. Do me a favor and duck behind your toilet.

Ash: Uh...okay? *Ash squats behind his toilet*

Voice: One...two....three!

Ash winces as a deafening crash destroys the cell wall from the side, kicking up a bunch of stray dirt. Temporarily blinded, Ash rubs his eyes and panics.

Ash: What is this? Are you saving me? What --

Ash's eyes become clearer and he sees that it's not a person he's talking to, but a Pokémon. He sees a large black jaw that seems to be doing the talking, but it's attached to a tiny yellow body behind it.

Ash (still dazed from the explosion): What the heck are you?...*Pulls out Pokédex*

Pokédex: Mawile, the Deceiver Pokémon. Mawile has jaw-like appendages at the ends of its steel horns. It deceives any opponent who lowers its guard with its hypnotic expression, then quickly spins around to bite them.

Mawile: That just about sums up everything I was going to say about myself. Say, can I get one of those red devices to tell me everything about you?

Ash: Sorry, where are my manners? I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town. I got kidnapped because apparently I was using a ba--

Mawile: Yeah, yeah, I know, you and your Aegislash. Pity, really.

Ash: How did you know?

Mawile: I was watching you and Aegislash from the moment it evolved from Doublade. When a banned Pokémon suddenly makes itself known, it's a pretty big deal to other strong Pokémon like me. I watched your Aegislash decimate that entire squadron of police officers while you slept like a baby.

Ash: They used Spore on me, what was I supposed to do!?

Mawile: Relax, I'm just giving you a hard time. Reinforcements were called in before Aegislash had a chance to get you guys out of there, and there were simply too many Spores for Aegislash to dodge. So you and Aegislash got taken here.

Ash: Speaking of "here," where exactly are we?

Mawile: Nogoms Town. This is the highest security prison for those who use banned Pokémon. They're probably discussing your punishment right now. Cases like this usually end in the death penalty, but seeing as you really didn't know that Aegislash was banned, you might just get off with life in prison, or parole after 30, 40 years maybe?

Ash: They might kill me??

Mawile: Ehh, not if I can help it.

Ash: Why are you so willing to help me? What's in it for you?

Mawile: Have you ever heard of a suspect test?

Ash: Suspect test?

Mawile: It's a cute little expression that Smogon likes to use when they're going to ban a Pokémon. In other words, it lets Smogon justify its rampant banning sprees by claiming that they "test" Pokémon before banning them. But really, getting suspect tested is basically a death sentence.

Ash: What does that have to do with anything?

Mawile: Right, I guess I forgot to say -- they're suspect testing me.

Ash: So you're next in line to get banned?

Mawile: Right. That's why I let myself get captured -- so I could personally work with you to help tear down this corporation. Ash, you probably don't know this, but you've become a beacon of hope for the Pokémon universe. Your excursions are rallying all sorts of anti-Smogon protests. If we strike now, we just might be able to destroy them once and for all.

Ash: Okay, but we need a plan. Say, what's that weird stone you're holding? That wasn't in your Pokédex picture.

Mawile: Have you heard of mega-evolution?

Ash: Aegislash mentioned it once, but he got banned before he could explain it to me. What is it?
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User Info: Muffinz0rz

3 years ago#3
Without answering, Mawile begins to glow a bright shade of pink. Shortly after, a hollow shell materializes out of thin air, encompasses Mawile, then explodes away, revealing a completely different Mawile than the one he was talking to before. The yellow figure transformed into a purple-ish color, but the biggest difference - there are two giant black jaws instead of one.

Ash: Wait, Mawiles don't have evolutions, right? just evolved?? What's happening?

M-Mawile: Mega-evolutions were recently discovered. Some Pokémon can transcend their own boundaries and become even stronger than ever thought possible.

Ash: This is incredible...I don't understand though, why do you need me? Why can't you take them out on your own? You seem strong enough.

M-Mawile: Every good Pokémon needs a good trainer, Ash. I want you to come with me as we end this system once and for all.

Ash: Right. So, about that plan?

M-Mawile: We're in the dungeons right now. But, an interesting gimmick about this "prison" - this building is actually a university, called Smogon University. They guise themselves as a teaching school, but it's really just the headquarters of the giant corporation. The higher we go, the harder security will be. We need to penetrate their defenses and take out the leader himself - Aldaron.

Ash: So, what you're saying is, once we break through these doors, it's all or nothing?

M-Mawile: Yup. There's no turning back after this. You in?

Ash: You bet. I'll do everything I can to keep you from getting sucked into Distortion World with Aegislash and the others!

M-Mawile: That's what I like to hear. Stand back.

Mawile lines its two black heads parallel to each other and unleashes a devastating Iron Head attack on the cell bars, demolishing the cell completely. Ash and Mawile walk through the hole and towards the stairs to the upper floors.

M-Mawile: This is it. Once we smash this door, this place will be flooded with everything from Smogon cops to aspiring competitive trainers. I'm getting suspected, so they can't ban me yet, but we need to be careful. If they throw me in a fire prison, I'll be useless while they "suspect test" away and seal my fate.

Ash: Roger. Let's do this.

Mawile rears its head back, winks at Ash, and crashes through the door to the staircase, obliterating the guard standing against it on the other side.

M-Mawile: Well that was a freebie...

The dynamic duo runs up the stairs, facing minimal resistance. The stairs end at the third floor, which is barred off with a giant iron door.

Ash: You sure you can break through this?

M-Mawile (sarcastically): I'm insulted that you even have to ask.

Mawile effortlessly crashes through the door. They enter and Mawile continues rampaging through computers, testing arenas, and everything in sight, with Ash close on its tail. They reach the elevator to the higher floors, but find it blocked by a behemoth of a person.

Ash: I recommend moving aside unless you want to feel the wrath of Mega-Mawile!

Trainer: Over my dead body. *The trainer throws a Poké ball.* Go, Rotom-W!

Out of the Poké ball emerges a squeaky washing machine that somehow manages to float.

Ash: We don't have time for this - we need to hurry or we'll be surrounded. Mawile, Play Rough!

252+ Atk Huge Power Mega Mawile Play Rough vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Rotom-W: 262-310 (86.1 - 101.9%) -- 12.5% chance to OHKO

In a burst of smoke, Mawile crashes into the washing machine, shattering its interior and leaving it clinging to life.

Trainer: Grr..Volt Sw--

Ash: Sucker Punch!

Before the washing machine can switch out, Mawile lets loose a final blow, shattering the washing machine into pieces.
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User Info: Muffinz0rz

3 years ago#4
Trainer: Whatever, I can just get another from the generators.

Ash: Generators?

Before the trainer can answer, Mawile jumps, clamps one jaw down on the trainer's neck, and uses the second jaw to rip the body clean off the head. The headless body lands in a pile on the floor while Mawile chews and consumes the head.

Ash: What was he talking about? Generators?

M-Mawile: I'll tell you on the elevator. Hurry and get on!

Ash and Mawile jump on the elevator and press the highest floor. Instead of a number, it's a picture of a hammer -- the banhammer. The elevator begins to go upwards. Mawile looks up, anticipating the showdown with Aldaron.

M-Mawile: Generators...those are the worst things to happen to Pokémon since Smogon. They use generators to create artificially "perfect" Pokémon. Instead of taking time to bond with their Pokémon, they press a button and spit out a flawless specimen. When they lose it, they simply create another.

Ash: That's can they get away with this?

M-Mawile: The market loves it. Kids these days don't have the attention spans to deal with properly caring for and raising their own Pokémon. So what do they do? Press a button and they're ready to go!

Ash: We need to shut this down right away.

M-Mawile: I figured we'd take care of that once we finish with President Aldaron.

The elevator slows to a halt and the door opens to a pitch black area.

Ash: I can't see a thing...

M-Mawile: Me neither. Be careful, this is definitely a trap. Wait, I know!

Mawile opens both jaws and a silver burst of light Flash Cannon surges from each one, illuminating the room and revealing a light switch on the wall. Ash flips the switch. Along with the lights turning on, a slow, loud vibration begins to make noise.

They walk forward a few steps, perplexed by the emptiness of the top floor. Suddenly, the elevator door slams shut and they hear the elevator drop to the ground floor with a crash.

Ash: What the heck? How are we supposed to get back down now!?

M-Mawile: I don't know...we'll figure it out.

Voice: No, you won't. Good try, though.

Ash: Who's there? Show yourself!

A man emerges from the shadows, holding a small hammer in one hand and a Poké ball in the other.

M-Mawile (grimacing): Aldaron...

Aldaron: Congratulations, you did your research.

Ash: You're a monster! How can you possibly justify everything you've done? What gives you the right to decide which Pokémon are overpowered or mediocre?

M-Mawile: And your generators? That's an insult to the entire universe of Pokémon, and it threatens to disrupt the entire world's balance as we know it.

Aldaron: Please, spare me the heroics. Why don't you just do what you always do and send your Pokémon to do your dirty work for you? *Throws Poké ball* Go, The_Immortal!

Out of the ball emerges a Koffing.

Ash: Why does he call it immortal? It's not even evolved!

M-Mawile: I think we're about to find out.

Ash: Well let's not give it the chance. Use Iron Head!

252+ Atk Huge Power Mega Mawile Iron Head vs. 0 HP / 236+ Def The_Immortal Koffing: 0-0 (0 - 0%) -- guaranteed never to do any damage whatsoever.

Ash: What!? That didn't even leave a scratch! What did you do to that poor Koffing??

Aldaron: None of your damn business. The_Immortal, use Vanquish!

The Koffing spews a toxic sludge on the ground. It opens up into a portal, sucking Ash and Mawile in through the floor. They both black out to the sound of Aldaron's laughter.

Aldaron: Have fun being banned forever! Hahahahah!

Narrator: Where has this evil menace sent Ash and Mawile? Find out next time on, DRAGON BALL Z!
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User Info: hodelino

3 years ago#5
Epic as always 10/10

I'm a real fan of your work now xD
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User Info: MrFuzz111

3 years ago#6
I like how he has a Koffing, since Smogon is the German name for it. Looks like someone did their research.
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User Info: Deitylight

3 years ago#7
I don't see what's so bad about the distortion world. It seems like a pretty nice place to chill with my ubers.
Keep up the good work.
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User Info: MadameLuigi64

3 years ago#8
Is Mawile a guy or a girl?
Can't (s)he just be forced to give up his/her mega stone?
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User Info: discodancer77

3 years ago#9
Make an episode with Somalia

User Info: Analytic

3 years ago#10
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