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Nuzlocke runs will make you hate Unova (A Joint Black 2 Nuzlocke Run)

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User Info: XxMahnaMahnaxX

3 years ago#31
From the clutches of the topic eating Archive Monster I save this topic
Why don't we show them the entire process including our breakdown.

User Info: 3i33le23

3 years ago#32
Bump, how long does it take for a topic to be archived?

User Info: MrFuzz111

3 years ago#33
Bump. Are you guys gonna continue this?
I am a Nintendo fanboy. You got a problem with that?

User Info: massifbeef

3 years ago#34
MrFuzz111 posted...
Bump. Are you guys gonna continue this?
My signature? I'd be happy to... NOT TELL YOU!

User Info: 3i33le23

3 years ago#35
I will, not sure if he will. I still have to train one mon that i acidentally encountered and he is to be my last team member.

User Info: massifbeef

3 years ago#36
My signature? I'd be happy to... NOT TELL YOU!

User Info: 3i33le23

3 years ago#37
Ok, I've decided to give the Scope Lens that I found to Jake to see if I get any luck with criticals :3 (Luck?! In a Nuzlocke?! HAHA!)

Well I enter this building and a guy gives me the Exp. Share. I decide I won't use it since my team is alright in levels.

I decide to enter the gym and decide to use Billy and Eevee. Just to spread the love :P

And Eevee tries to evolve! But I don't let it ;-; for the 10th time......

Anyways I reach the gym leader with little problem and

Boss Battle 3: Gym Leader Burgh!

Flame Charge... Down goes Swadloon.

Crunch... And of course Sturdy. His Dwebble Smacks Down my Herdier but it does little damage. He heals and Billy Crunch's it. Again. Very exciting battle....

Since he can't heal I just Tackle it one more time and down he goes!

I decide it would be too easy to just send out Max so I send out Eevee :3

He Bites the Leavanny and the Leavanny flinches! Great, now he bites it again. And he flinches again...


He Bites it one last time and it's down!

And Eevee tries to evolve again....

Burgh... You disappointed me.... Even though I was high leveled you still disappointed me.....

Badge 3 Obtained: Insect Badge!

Welp moving onward, I guess.

User Info: 3i33le23

3 years ago#38
Jake hasn't been used much so I decide to use Jake for awhile :D but I find this guy who finally introduces himself as Colress. I saw him in the Castelia Sewers but didn't pay much attention to him..

Anyways he wants to battle... Great :/ he send out a Magnemite... Of course... The one time I want to use Jake..... So I just send out Max. He Flame Charges his way to victory and the weird guy just leaves.. Ok then...

I see some trainers fishing so I head toward them with Jake up front. What could go wrong? :D


It comes out if nowhere and since I still have 2 empty slots (thank you Magby and Grimer ;-;) I try to catch it :D 5 pokeballs later and it still won't get in the ball :/ I decide to bug bite it.

And down it goes....

Great, another lost encounter >.<

Anyways I reach Nimbasa city and get ready to charge through the Gym! >:D but a model tells me the Gym Leader isn't here and is in a different place. Fine ;-;

So I decide to go exploring for a while

I get my TM Dig (perfect :D) and I also get the Wide Lens.

I reach Route 16 and encounter myself a *gasp* Minccino! :D although I would've preferred a Gothita but whatever.... (;-;)

I don't make the same mistake so I just throw a Pokeball. Aaaaaaand

Meet Mikey the Minccino!

He's Naughty Nature and LV 16, Male!

I train him up but by then I have an Emboar and a Stoutland!


Max LV 36 Jolly
Take Down
Heat Crash
Flame Charge
Arm Thrust

Billy LV 36 Rash
Sitrus Berry
Work Up

Jake LV 36 Lax
Scope Lens
Poison Tail
Bug Bite
Iron Defense

blank LV 36 Timid
Oran Berry

Mikey LV 36 Naughty
Wide Lens
Tail Slap
Wake-Up Slap

Seeing how I'm doing well I decide to look for a Shiny Stone. I head to Castelia Sewers and enter the Relic Passage in look for Dustclouds. I don't know how it slipped my mind I still had to find an encounter -_- and the second I realize I encounter a Drilbur :P I'm not upset at all though and capture him with a Quick Ball.

Meet Arnold the Drilbur!

Quirky Nature LV 19

So I decide to go ahead and train him. Great, more levels for my team until Arnold can handle battles on his own... *sigh*


I'm only upset that Mikey doesn't have Skill Link but whatever. :D I'm fine with him and during training he hit almost always 4-5 times :3 also I'm still training Arnold. As soon as I finish training him I'll fight Elesa and Clay! >:D also I had plans for what I wanted my last member to be and once I got him/her then I would go to the places that I still hadn't gotten an encounter. I hadn't even gone to Lostlorn forest yet :P anyways I'll probably update this today or tomorrow. Whenever I finish training Arnold up.

User Info: 3i33le23

3 years ago#39
Bump, I'll update this tomorrow. Promise :)

Didn't have time to finish training Arnold, I believe he's LV 30 or something. Anyways tomorrow I'll battle Elesa and Clay.

User Info: 3i33le23

3 years ago#40
And Mahna, how's your run going?
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