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Favorite choice specs user

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User Info: Virtua1ity

3 years ago#21
"Do you choose Mudkip,the Mud Fish pokemon?"
FC: 4253-3703-9667 | IGN:Esteban | TSV:3731

User Info: FryDays5000

3 years ago#22
Is Pyroar a viable specs user in a sun team? I was thinking:
Simba's Roar@Choice Specs
Fire Blast
Solar Beam
Hyper Voice/Dark Pulse
HP Ice
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User Info: SoGo2001

3 years ago#23

User Info: RandomMode

3 years ago#24
I don't use choice items often, Choice specs especially, but I found that I enjoy using Latios with choice specs and recently noivern with my UU team.
I say, the world must be cubed.
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User Info: jamstaere08

3 years ago#25
LightningAce11 posted...

User Info: Sludge_System

3 years ago#26
A fire...........burns?
FC: 0576-4008-8830

User Info: FinalInsanity

3 years ago#27

User Info: Kazuma_Yagami

3 years ago#28
No Sylveon yet? Thing is a surprise to many to teams and scores good KOs
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