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Help with in game team :)

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User Info: Djalfon09

3 years ago#1
Hey guys. So I'm not a newbie to the pokemon series and have played pokemon since Blue back in the day. But since then I've always had the same routine in each game: choose the fire starter, catch the first flying type I see, get a magikarp to evolve it, get a dragon type ASAP. But with X and Y I'm trying to break away from that routine and my team is currently:


I feel happy with this team currently(at the second gym and had been grinding at the battle chateau) but not sure how it will go for the rest of the game, I'm open to any suggestions you guys have to offer and I realise there's a lot of these topics on here but I need some expert assistance as I want to get into competitive battling down the track :)

User Info: Gh3ttoNinja

3 years ago#2
Game is stupidly easy...catch 6 Sunkerns and you can still beat it...literally ANYTHING works
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User Info: FinalXemnas

3 years ago#3
Make sure your Glaceon has Hidden Power Psychic for Dark Types. Bet no one gets the reference.
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User Info: Farfaduvet

3 years ago#4
you shouldnt really have much trouble with the ingame stuff, by the time i reached the elite 4 my entire team was 10 levels higher than even the elite four pokemon. my personal playstyle is to only use pokemon i havent used before, and this time i did a gen 6 only pokemon run (broke that rule for charizard but it was a megazard x so technically it was new)

but i guess my comment on your team would be that your team is pretty high level for only being at the second gym, youre probably already way overleveled, i was 10 lvls overleveled and i never (and still havent) fought more than 2 battles in the chateau, are they still obeying you?

but im not really sure how much you already know. if youre getting into competitive you should learn about, in order of most to least importance:
which stats are best for a pokemon to use
Effort Values (what the pokemon is trained for)
Individual Values (genetic perfection)
hidden power calculations

and Finalxemnas, you mean that eeveelution team that used psychic up until the point it would be useful and then never again?
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User Info: Gilgamesh2010

3 years ago#5
Quote:Make sure your Glaceon has Hidden Power Psychic for Dark Types. Bet no one gets the reference.
Yes. No one gets the reference towards a thread posted 3 hours ago.
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User Info: Djalfon09

3 years ago#6
No problems thanks for that, they are all round level 35-39 with the exception of Sliggoo and sylveon being level 45, the only one who fully listens is sylveon as she is the only pokemon in my team that I caught, everyone else was through trade, not sure why I haven't progressed through the game much, found a couple of audino trainers in the chateau though so kept training and training, I do still have a level 45 Delphox and blastoise in my PC just in case
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