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Good Mega Mawile nicknames?

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User Info: Gogito4

2 years ago#11
Tales of Xillia 2... here I come!
Dissidia 012: Main:Terra Subs:Squall,WoL,Cloud and Kain.

User Info: Mikey_Minccino

2 years ago#12
"The Official Choice Scarf Holder"
"Cute and Competitively Viable" FC: 4184-3565-5498

User Info: proxima04

2 years ago#13
I chew chew you
Mii: Max, SV: 1792 & 916
FC: 0877-1432-5741 (PM for confirmation), Pidgey,Woobat,Rufflet

User Info: TeachMeMsLitchi

2 years ago#14
Mine's name is BingBing lol idk why but it's so cute lol, named after one of my favorite female actors BingBing Fan lol, she's so beautiful."Boobs are the foundation society is built upon! Boobs equal power!" ~

User Info: b619poke

2 years ago#15
How to disarm a land mine.
Step 1: Stand on top of it Step 2: Wait

User Info: JDynasty24

2 years ago#16
4570-7960-2746 FC IGN:Jumon my list of 5/6iv shinies

User Info: FefnirOmega13

2 years ago#17
Bite Me
If you die around here, you'll burn so hard there won't even be ashes left.
If I want your corpse, I'd better take ya down here!

User Info: Jaricko

2 years ago#18
17Master posted...

Other then the move play rough. There is nothing playful about mawile.
" Don't curse the darkness--light a candle! When freaky aliens give you lemons, make freaky alien lemonade. "

User Info: RandomMode

2 years ago#19
I say, the world must be cubed.
FC: 5026-5530-6237 | IGN: X-Zachary Y-Fai B/B2-Jorden

User Info: Z_Tous

2 years ago#20
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