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why do you people even like these eevees?

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User Info: LadyTaranida

3 years ago#21
What you mean "you people"?

User Info: Lonta_Beans3

3 years ago#22
CaptainZangoose posted...
So basically yer salty because somebody made a topic with a differing opinion to ye? What a p****.

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User Info: mrballerswaggin

3 years ago#23
Eeveelutions are too overrated IMO. They're lame and that's why Hoenn didn't introduce any! :D
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User Info: pikmintaro

3 years ago#24
Not sure if everybody is joking around or if everybody is overreacting.

Why can't I like both Pikaclones and Eevees? I don't like them all obviously, but Vaporeon and Glaceon are some of my favorites, at first I was a bit turned off by Sylveon, but then I warmed up to it after seeing that its "bows" were actually feelers/tentacles.

As for Pikaclones I like most of them more than Pikachu itself who I never really liked in the first place, particularly Raichu, Pachirisu, and Dedenne are my favorites (I would also include Marril which my friends called "Pikablue" before we got it's name, but I don't know if it would count since it isn't electric.)
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User Info: Alpha218

3 years ago#25
Like half of them are crap and the other half are stall/BP mons

I kinda hate it
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User Info: Kanraku

3 years ago#26
I like the design of most of them, although Leafeon's name is awful. The only way it could be less original is if they named it Grasseon.
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User Info: AA1969

3 years ago#27
Umbreon is my all time favorite pokemon. I don't really care about any of the other eeveelutions.

User Info: cruelarcadia

3 years ago#28
I always look forward to the new eevolutions. although I'm not really a fan of sylveons design...I once saw this a while ago on tumblr

I would like a ghost type eevee.
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