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Can anyone give me a run down on doubles?

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User Info: Stanemac12

3 years ago#1
I've played singles in a competitive environment for quite a while, but I've got almost no experience in doubles. I have no idea what kind of movesets are good for doubles, what kind of natures and spreads work and how they differ from singles equivalents. I'm curious about doubles and want to get into it and start playing but I don't really know much about what is effective in singles aside from that pokemon built for singles are awful in doubles.

Can anyone give me some basic pointers on doubles? What kind of things I should do or should avoid, what kind of builds and EV spreads work in doubles? Main differences from singles that I should learn and get used to? Other info?
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User Info: CaptainsWaifu

3 years ago#2
Intimidate spam, Protect spam, rock slide: The Meta

User Info: Dathedr-vodhr

3 years ago#3

the end
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User Info: Raroia

3 years ago#4
Protect is practically mandatory on every pokemon.
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User Info: pokemonfreak97

3 years ago#5
Protect is really good, priority (especially Fake Out) is really good, Quick Guard and Wide Guard are viable, Follow Me is a big thing (as you probably know from Pachirisu), spread moves (Rock Slide etc. that don't hit your team are nice), et cetera.
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  3. Can anyone give me a run down on doubles?

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