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Why are HMs still a thing, and why do most of them still blow?

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User Info: Raroia

3 years ago#1
Seriously what do they actually accomplish? Its just annoying having to carry an HM slave, or waste an actual team member's move slots with these garbage moves. The location gating component they serve could have just as easily been done with a key item instead of an HM. I would love to run a full 6 man team playing through the game(s) but I always feel obligated to use an HM slave.

At the very least they could have made the HM moves good. Surf used to be a pretty good move but its really getting overshadowed now that scald is on the table. And the others are hardly even close to being considered "usable moves". If I'm going to clog up a moveslot why can't the moves be at least decent?
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User Info: Lonta_Beans3

3 years ago#2
Worst b8 in all of GFAQs. | <3

User Info: Pkmn1234

3 years ago#3
Because F*** you that's why
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User Info: Alpha218

3 years ago#5
Waterfall is a core move on at least Gyarados and Azumarril

Fly is usable in gimmick teams

Surf was good before Scald was introduced (Scald needs a nerf tbh)

Strength and Cut were never good. But they need to be HMs because they don't want you getting trapped in a puzzle area.
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User Info: WaffleSenpai

3 years ago#6
Raroia posted...
Surf used to be a pretty good move but its really getting overshadowed now that scald is on the table.

Doubles doesn't exist?
You've gone insane...your talking to a waffle for god's sake.
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User Info: ReaccuringExtra

3 years ago#7
Besides not IMOing (yes I'm going to make that a thing), how is this bait? Sure, it's a complaining topic, but not with malicious intent I don't think.
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User Info: Lucidious89

3 years ago#8
I feel like HM's *should* be somewhat of an inconvenience. I think a lot of people seem to try and build their in-game parties as if theyre building a team to actually compete with, and that's missing the point imo. Your adventure party is supposed to be a compromise between battle efficiency and exploration utility. Youre supposed to juggle these two things.

Yeah, it sucks that your Greninja is forced to carry both surf/waterfall over something that could give it better coverage - but thats the POINT. Youre supposed to be weighing the pros and cons of this decision. Do i make it more convenient for myself exploration-wise, or battle-wise? How much do I lose using this move over something else? Should I carry a Pokemon that can utilize all the HM's, but is dead weight in battle, or should i spread them evenly throughout my party and try to make due without using better moves on them?

Team building for the adventure is a completely different process than team building for battle. Your needs and objectives are different, so theres no reason to expect one process to be applicable in a completely different setting.
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User Info: Mecha_Kraken

3 years ago#9
Some of the HM moves, such as Strength, are designed for puzzles in a few areas.

I think most of the others (surf, fly) are just there to sort of illustrate the bond people and pokemon share, that pokemon can provide such services to the humans that can benefit from them. This was actually one of the first considerations for Gen 1, and why one of the earliest pokemon was Lapras.
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User Info: sonic2307

3 years ago#10
HMs can stay. It's those weak ones like cut or strength that piss others off. I have no idea why can't you just burn those trees with some fire attack. And why can fly take me across cities but not across a small lake/pond?
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  3. Why are HMs still a thing, and why do most of them still blow?

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