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What's your favorite NFE pokemon?

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User Info: Pkmn1234

3 years ago#1
Dragonair is a real good looking pokemon until it turns into a Dragonite.

User Info: MissCarriage

3 years ago#2
Seadra and Skrelp!
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User Info: Xavuu

3 years ago#3
Braixen definitely.
STAB Quick Attack. Staraptor.

User Info: LucasClaus

3 years ago#4
That's a tough one, but I'd have to say Porygon2.

Some others that I really like are Magneton, Chansey, Dragonair, Bayleef, Misdreavus, Yanma, Wynaut, Joltik, Tynamo, and Doublade.
i thought they were nameless orphans who climbed ice hoping to find a new guardian. - Zembaphobia on the Ice Climbers.

User Info: sonic2307

3 years ago#5
I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog.
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User Info: flamepelt

3 years ago#6
Bayleef <3
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<3 Shuckle, Teddiursa, Bayleef

User Info: Brodiac1992

3 years ago#7
I really like Teddiursa and Deerling.
"By all means, try!."
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User Info: LightningAce11

3 years ago#8
"Great. I think I got it, but just in case, tell me the whole thing again. I wasn't listening." - Emmet
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User Info: NeoNaviZero

3 years ago#9
Agreed on Dragonair.

Quilava is awesome, too.
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User Info: R-A-V

3 years ago#10
Ralts. The line is better as a neutral-gendered alien thing.
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