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Is emolga any good?

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User Info: GGuitarGuy95

3 years ago#11
I have no idea, but seeing what Pachirisu did at VCG, who knows.

User Info: Roko_Kichigai

3 years ago#12
Set 1


Electro ball
Baton pass
Switch it in after a Pokemon uses a status move, Encore, then Agility as they switch out. Make your next move according to the enemy...

Set 2

Air Slash
Volt Switch

A good lead.

Now, now, you can't call a Pokemon garbage just because it can't learn a move you want it to.
Silence. We need more silence.
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User Info: ProfShroomish

3 years ago#13
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*Official male life partner of Inigo*

User Info: navi854

3 years ago#14
ProfShroomish posted...
*Official male life partner of Inigo*

Psh, Gaius is way better.

But anyway...try thinking of your own strategy instead of stealing from the Championship?
I didn't know until today that it won, but I've been running

Light Screen
Follow Me/Charge/HP Ice(Singles)
Volt Switch
Super Fang
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