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Rate my Team and improve?

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User Info: TheGhost0610

3 years ago#1
So this is my battle spot team i use for rating competiton and I want to see how i can improve it

Tyrantrum Adamant
Abilty: strong jaw
Item: rocky helmet
EVs: hp 252 Atk 4 defense 252
Stealth rocks
Dragon tail
Head smash

I nomarlly lead with this pokemon to set up rocks and then to just dragon tail a bunch.
The EVs are set up to maximize his great denfense but he should be removed if a speacial attacker
Comes in.

Dragonite Jolly
Abilty: Multiscale
EVs: 4 Hp 252 Atk 252 speed
Item: life orb
Dragon rush
Aqua tail
Extreme speed
Power up punch

This is my substitute for if i see a a sticky hold pokemon or many speacial attacks instead of Tyrantrum. His moveset is made to maximize his attack and allow a large coverage for pokemon
That could potinetal lay threaten Tyrantrum.

Metagross adamant
Abilty Clear body
EVs 4 hp 252 Atk 252 defense
Item assualt vest
Meteor mash
Bullet punch
Power up punch

I use this set for if i bring lots of fast non-bulky pokemon on my team his moveset is made for stab and hard hits. Psychic is there so if a physcal wall switches in i can give it a nasty suprise

Gardevoir timid
Abilty trace
EVs 4 hp 252 SpAtk 252 speed
Item Choice scarf
Energy ball

This set is almost self explanatory a fast sweeping gardevoir that uses its great move pool to dish out some damage.

Charizard-Mega y Naive
Abilty blaze/Drought
EVs 4 Hp 252 SpAtk 252 speed

The reason i chose will-o-wisp over dragon pulse is bea amuse i wanted to be able to burn physical attackers and dragon pulse only hurst dragon while will-owisp can hurt all types but fire itself.

Umbreon relaxed
Abilty synchronize
Item leftovers
EVs 252 hp 128 defense 128 SpDef

Yes I know this et is pretty OU but the reason it is is bea cause it works. Umbreon is a Great Wall that can easily destroy pokemon with barely a scratch in him. I gave him pursuit so if i predicted an enemy to switch out to a steel type to stop the toxic i would get in a nasty chunk of their health.

So thats my team please tell what moves, EVs, items, or even pokemon I should change!

User Info: Xan1440

3 years ago#2
Singles or Doubles?
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User Info: TheGhost0610

3 years ago#3

User Info: Bunselpower

3 years ago#4
Don't run Jolly Dragonite. Adamant, not even a question. More to come shortly.
3DS FC: 1134-8061-2200; SV 3273; IGN: Dano; List:
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User Info: Moe_Lester_13

3 years ago#5
From experience, Dragon Claw>Dragon Rush.

Also, Weakness Policy is a very effective Item for Dragonite. Very predictable,but it's still a noob killer.
Dragon Claw
EQ/Fire Punch (Scizor and Ferro)/Thunder Punch (Azu and Togekiss)
Roost/another attacking move
Dragon Dance
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User Info: OutRajeuZ

3 years ago#6
Remove charizard it has no purpose on this team
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User Info: Bunselpower

3 years ago#7

Tyrantrum isn't the worst. I can see this set actually being slightly effective.

Dragonite's set isn't great. Don't use Life Orb, it completely invalidates the use of Multiscale. Don't run Aqua Tail, never run Dragon Rush with other options available, and don't run Jolly, Extremespeed takes care of that.

Why Naive Charizard when you don't have any physical moves?

That Umbreon set makes no sense. Why Pursuit on a 65 Base Attack with no investment? Let's not forget, you only have 5 (8) Moonlights to use. Also, splitting defenses down the middle with no reason will probably lead to some wasted potential.
3DS FC: 1134-8061-2200; SV 3273; IGN: Dano; List:
Beartic, Piloswine, and Snorunt - My Friend Safari is Ice because I'm so cool.

User Info: TheGhost0610

3 years ago#8
Thank you all for the feedback i will take this into consideration
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