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battle maison is HAX

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User Info: Kitschgardener

3 years ago#31
Drkr_Zen posted...
Its how GameFreak programs "challenge" as they don't know the meaning of the word. Oh, give CPU increased crits

Two consecutive crits isn't evidence of AI getting more crits... Maison already has been confirmed to have same odds as every other battle - and even if crits were part of the strategy, it wouldn't make sense for them to nerf them to 1.5x this gen.

make Parafuse not apply

You were relying on parafuse and didn't get results? Cry moar.


Casual confirmed. And the player is allowed legendaries, Megas, Aegislash, etc.
XY Maison dialogue:
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User Info: ElNurgling

3 years ago#32
Drkr_Zen posted...
... cheap tactics such as OHKO moves and Destiny Bond every other Pokemon, and that equals challenge.

Drkr_Zen posted...
... my Mega Kanga ...

"The computer's tactics are almost as cheap as mine!!! How dare they beat me once in every 65 matches!!!"
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