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Looking for trade partners

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User Info: vVvJAWSvVv

3 years ago#1
Hi everyone. So im in need of a couple of rare-ish pokemon that require trading (kingdra, scizor, milotic ect) i am currenty working on obtaining said pokemon. If your interested we can communicate on here to each other when we have a pokemon we want help evolving. I promise im a nice guy who is willing to help others in exchange for the same treatment if interested PM me your friend code

My Friend Code: 2724-0367-1627
``An open door means you might let a devil in. But a closed door means you let thousands of angels just walk by.`` -Ian Mackaye

User Info: SavageSunbobo

3 years ago#2
Why do you people not read
Friend Code:5215-0688-5623 Tsv/280
Black 2 code is 1164-3035-4250
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