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need lucky egg

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User Info: kylecee1234

3 years ago#1
So I accidentally traded my lucky egg, if anyone could give me another it would be so helpful.
I'm willing to even trade my masterball

User Info: plasticman13

3 years ago#2
I'll give ya a Weedle instead for the Masturball
Kaepernick LOL

User Info: Lucario39

3 years ago#3
First, you can get Lucky Eggs from wild Chansey (Friend Safari). They are nowhere near as rare as a Master Ball.

Second, this kind of request is supposed to go on the Trade Boards. You'll get in trouble with the mods otherwise (I'm not reporting you, though, not for what's apparently an honest mistake).
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User Info: ghost_tails

3 years ago#4
Trade requests belong on the trade board.

There are two other ways to get Lucky Eggs, though, and they're both pretty viable. The first is the Global Link. Spend some Pokemiles on the games and if you get lucky and do well, you could get a Lucky Egg. The alternative is finding Chansey, meaning you'll need a safari. Each Chansey has a 5% chance of having an egg. Clearly, getting them with those odds is pretty annoying, so there's a good way to handle that. Here's how it works:
1. Get a Pokemon with Compound Eyes as its Ability. Butterfree and Vivillon work well. The level does not matter, because your next job is to get it knocked out. Seriously. Knock out your Pokemon with the Ability. Place this Pokemon in the #1 spot in your party. This will increase the odds of finding the Lucky Egg to 20%.
2. Get a Pokemon with the Ability Frisk and the move Thief. Both Phantump and Noibat can do this, I think. It vastly helps if this Pokemon is very fast, faster than a wild level 30 can be. That way you can run away if the Pokemon isn't a Chansey with an egg. Ensure this Pokemon isn't holding anything, or Thief won't work. Put it in the #2 slot in your party.
3. Run around in a Chansey safari. When you encounter a Pokemon, Frisk will tell you if it's holding an egg. If it is, use Thief to steal it, then run away and take the egg from that Pokemon to put it in your bag. Repeat as necessary. If the Pokemon is not holding a Lucky Egg, run away and keep looking. Keep in mind that about 1/5 of Chansey will be holding an egg, assuming you have Compound Eyes in the #1 slot (fainted so you throw out the Frisk first instead of that). If you don't have Compound Eyes, it'll be 1/20.
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