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Charizard X or Charizard Y?

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User Info: MagikarpRules

3 years ago#11
X is not doubly weak to Rock, so there's that (but now it's weak to EQ). From what people here have said, X is a good Dragon Dancer. Y has a better chance in doubles to aid Pokemon that thrive in the sun. X is mainly physical but can go special or mixed, I think, and Y is special for sure.

User Info: Bearacudda98

3 years ago#12
X is good when he can set up
Y is good for 5 turns

they're both good in certain situations
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User Info: sycamotree

3 years ago#13
Out of ten...

X in singles = 10
Y in singles = 8

Y in doubles = 9
X in doubles =.....

My answer is Y.
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User Info: jamstaere08

3 years ago#14
y doesn't even come close to how good x is

User Info: supremeblaster

3 years ago#15
jamstaere08 posted...
y doesn't even come close to how good x is

In singles the only relevant metagame, of course.
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