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breeding question

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User Info: xMrDomo

3 years ago#1
ive just started breeding pokemon trying to get them flawless ivs and i have a question. if i have a ditto with hp and def holding a destiny knot with a charmander that is adamant with atk def and spdef holding an everstone would i be able to get a egg with hp atk def and spdef?

User Info: Kanraku

3 years ago#2
Yes, it is possible to get an egg with those IVs.

Edit: To elaborate, the odds of getting this egg are as follows:
2/6 chance that s.atk or speed is the wild stat = 0.33
1/2 chance that hp is inherited from ditto = 0.5
1/2 chance that atk is inherited from charmander = 0.5
1/1 chance that def is inherited from either = 1
1/2 chance that s.def is inherited from charmander = 0.5

There's also a chance that one of the desired stats could be wild and still end up as 31, but those odds are small and hardly contribute to the total chance so we'll ignore them.

0.33*0.5*0.5*1*0.5 = 0.04125

So there's a little over 4.125% chance you'll get this charmander. If you hatch about a box worth of them you'll probably get it.
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