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Powergo1 explains: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon side series.

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User Info: Powergo1

3 years ago#1
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is the combination of a dungeon crawler and Pokemon.

The Games:
PMD: Red Rescue Team (GBA)/Blue Rescue Team (DS). OK storyline, one of the best post-game, hard post-game dungeons.

PMD: Explorers of Time/Darkness (DS). Amazing storyline, emotional, good post-game dungeons, couldn't change overworld Pokemon.

PMD: Explorers of Sky (DS). Improved version of Time/Darkness, best game (imo) of them all.

PMD: Keep Going! Blazing Adventure Squad!/Lets Go! Stormy Adventure Squad!/Go For It! Light Adventure Squad! (WiiWare). The least known of them all, contains shinies, and Arceus. That's all really.

PMD: Gates to Infinity (3DS) My least favourite of them all, doesn't have all the Pokemon, let alone all the Gen 5 Pokemon. Starter choice is slim (5), storyline is meh.

All in all, the PMD side series is a very good to play.

Sorry Lord Chivalry
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User Info: AngelPeach

3 years ago#2
I hate to say it, but this 'explanation' sounds pretty biased.

I understand why Gates to Infinity is your least favorite, but it seems you don't take the gameplay into account in it. I mean, that section just seemed like the spot to complain about not having all of the Pokemon, a slim starter choice and not liking the story as much.

Story I understand. It isn't everyone's cup of tea. I personally prefer the story though since everyone, or a good chunk of pokemon, actually develop. Only a select few happen in Explorers.

It's true that not all of the Pokemon are there. However, would you be complaining about that if the game was Pokemon Snap? What about Pokemon Conquest? Most spinoff titles don't have all the Pokemon and I don't see any complaints there, especially for Snap since it is one of the most beloved spinoffs. I know the earlier games have them, yet to be fair, not even they qualify anymore.

Sure, Rescue Team and Explorers had them all at the time, but nowadays it only goes up to Gen 3 and Gen 4 respectfully. They do have them all for the time, but you can't say they have them all now.

As for the choice in starters, yeah it is a bit slim, but I have be honest, I stuck to a couple Pokemon, only branching out every once and a while. I think a smaller choice makes it easier, especially with the quiz gone.

I'm not trying to change your opinion, I just feel you were biased against Gates. That's not really 'explaining' the series. That's just explaining things from your perspective.

And as for the WiiWare games, I can honestly say that they are the most disappointing games in the series, and it is a good thing we never got them.

First of all, the WiiWare series did awful in Japan, which is more than likely why we never got them.

The story in the WiiWare games seem very light. You start by picking two partners (which by the way if you don't pick starters from the original games it will be very unbalanced) and you do save someone... but after that, the story takes a backseat, and the way I understand it, you are just going to get cookies, or making them anyway. So if you think the story of Gates is bad, you haven't seen anything yet.

I'm not saying a lighter storyline is bad per se, but compared to the others, I'd say it is lower than Rescue Team (which the only part I like about the story is the Ninetales Legend. I used to like it all, but now a lot of it bugs me).

Also, partner selection, and getting the Pokemon, was done poorly, in my opinion. You only get certain Pokemon per game, however, no matter which two you chose in the beginning, it doesn't matter as they are all members of your team from the get go. Also, the Pokemon you get are determined per game. In order to get them all, you needed to have all three games, no exceptions.

Also, just to add, the gamplay for the most part was the same, but I honestly felt the bit with the towers don't work as well as they should. Which is probably why said mechanic never came back. You either had to be in a tower yourself, which unless I was doing something wrong, I could never get passed have a two stack, or you could knock others out of their tower by throwing items. In my opinion, the bit with the towers was more annoying than anything.

The WiiWare titles are very weak for the series. That's just my opinion.

Now, I'm not saying you still can't prefer Explorers. Honestly speaking, I understand. But if you are going to 'explain' something, you shouldn't be biased about it. (Heck, to be fair, I was biased against the WiiWare titles, but I was just explaining things from my perspective.) I don't blame you for not liking Gates as much, however. Everyone has their own opinions.

Sorry this got long, but I had to get it off my chest. I know you prefer Explorers and all the more power to you!

User Info: lusofuso

3 years ago#3
AngelPeach posted...
Sure, Rescue Team and Explorers had them all at the time, but nowadays it only goes up to Gen 3 and Gen 4 respectfully. They do have them all for the time, but you can't say they have them all now.

The rest of the post was okay but this part was so... how do I say... stupid? dumb?

Sorry I don't mean to be rude.
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User Info: The_RNG

3 years ago#4
Kill this meme before it spreads, please.
RNG stands for "Random Number Goddess".
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User Info: DarkKirby2500

3 years ago#5
I agree with Gates to Infinity being the worse of them all, story and Pokemon wise. I liked the mechanics changes.

The biggest issue is the "extreme crisis" their world was facing was Pokemon were acting more like real life people than being extremely buddy buddy for no reason by default.

You can't expect me to get behind such a mundane plot.
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