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User Info: AceDowner

3 years ago#1
Ok i'll go first. Wolves are my favorite animal and being the fact that they're are often misunderstood as vicious killers but actually are just like any other animal trying to survive, plus how commonly they occur in tales/legends, mine goes something like this.

3 stage evo similar to wolf heirachy, (pupolf)Pup,(Predolf) pack member, Dirolf (Alpha)

Name: Dirolf (a play on dire wolf+elf which is a synonym for fairy)
Vicious Pokemon
Type: Dark/Fairy
Abilties: Intimidate
Iron Jaw(Hidden)

Key moves:
Play Rough
Sucker Punch
Fake Out
Baby Doll eyes
Take Down
Foul play
plus access to elemental fangs.

It could work as a physical attacker or a support/defensive pokemon.

immunties to psychic and dragon would be great with only weaknesses to poison and steel, which i find very fitting for a wolf. Stat spread would be something along the lines of Drapion maybe but with higher attack. Not too fast but very endurant which explains the defensive capabilties plus a naturally high attack associated with predatory animals as well as dark types.

What do you guys think and what are some ideas you may have?
3ds fc: 2595-2161-4179
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