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Your opinion on hacking/powersaves

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User Info: CakeOfLies

3 years ago#61
I use it and I don't deny that it's cheating.
People should play how they want and they shouldn't try to force other people to play their way.
"Cheating seems to be a relevant term only when one is caught in the act. Otherwise it is viewed as intelligence, no?" - HK-47, Star Wars: KoTOR

User Info: Hecticheather

3 years ago#62
Im Okay With Powersaves For A Few Reasons.I Adore Having The Event Pokemon That I Cant Get Without It. I Like Being Able To Back Up My Game. I Also Have A 18 Month Old Son So I Dont Have As Much Time As I Used To To Get Everything. Getting Event Pokemon By Trading With Other People Is Impossible And You Never Know If They Got It By Powersaves Either So Might As Well Do It Myself. I Also Like The Shiny Code Because I Have Been Playing Pokemon Since The First Games And I Have THE WORST LUCK When It Comes To Shiny Pokemon. This Game I Found MY FIRST EVER Two Shiny Pokemon. I Was So Happy I Seriously Shed A Few Happy Tears lol. Powersaves Is A Good Thing If You Dont Abuse It. Also I've Been Playing For Such A Long Time But I Have Never Been Able To Figure Out How To Breed "Perfect" Pokemon So The New Iv Code Is Useful Just Because When It Comes To That Aspect Of Pokemon I Have No Clue What Im Doing lol. That Doesnt Mean Im Gonna Take Every Single Pokemon And Use That Code On It Tho. I Did It To Maybe 5 Pokemon. So Many Pokemon Are Hacked On The Game So The Way I See It Id Rather It Be Done By Me Instead Of Someone Else. Thats Just My Opinion Tho. I Don't Abuse It Like Many People Do. If I Can Get Things On My Own Without Power Saves Best Believe I'm Going To Do It The Right Way. But Everyone Has Their Own Opinion.

User Info: _Data_Drain_

3 years ago#63
Wow, ClassyOldHat, that was a very... um... classy way to put it.

I fully agree. Gamefreak themselves pretty much opened the doors to hacking, when they decided to make SO MUCH of their content Japan only, or just how the RNG system in general works. It gives select players an advantage over others.

Plus with Legendaries, or one time only Pokemon, like the event Vivillons... you'd have to reset COUNTLESS times to get even an acceptable stat build.

I mean... you know, again I say, it sounds super appealing to rework my Pokemon's IVs with Powersave.... A feature Gamefreak SHOULD have just added to begin with. Why do my Pokemon that I used in my playthrough have to be at such a huge disadvantage compared to those that I bred via Bike Simulator 2013?

It just feels wrong to leave them box bound for the rest of their existence, because of Gamefreak's flawed system.
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