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Spoiler: Gardevoir sucks

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User Info: SuprSaiyanRockr

3 years ago#21
Matthew3DSGamer posted...
SuprSaiyanRockr posted...
I see them in doubles.

They just spam either Dazzling Gleam or Hyper Voice, depending on whether they go mega.

It's like running into a Talonflame, only it's less of a threat, with no priority.

you clearly haven't been playing good players

I'm not about to defend them.
I recall seeing one or two decent ones, but that was a while ago.
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User Info: EPIC_FAIL999

3 years ago#22
a transferred Gardevoir can be quite good IMO

give it Choice specs w/ the moves... signal beam, icy wind, thunderbolt, and psychic
w/ an EV spread of 252 sp atk, 252 speed, 4 HP 5IV - atk Modest Nature.

This setup can counter some common pokemon in OU, like a gliscor w/ icy wind, dark types signal beam (instead of moonblast for the chance to confuse), thunderbolt can be used to kill a talonflame, psychic is your STAB move for most opponents unless a different move would be better...

another reason why I chose signal beam instead of moonblast/dazzling gleam is to counter psychic type pokemon or grass types

this is my gardevoir set up it works fine so there you go...

don't get me wrong I am not trying to tell you that you are absolutely wrong, you don't have to like gardevoir, I am just letting you know that she can be good w/out mega
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User Info: Dark_Link92

3 years ago#23
I wish...
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