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Breeding the eevee line

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User Info: GrnFzzTgr

2 years ago#1
Hey there, yep, me again. I had a question regarding some of the eeveelutions, in particular espeon and umbreon.

Since I don't have access to foul play or heal bell, I was wondering what would be good IV, EV spreads and nature for an umbreon with a moveset like this.

I was thinking
Sassy/Careful @leftovers

And how about a timid Espeon, can timid work for it as a screen layer?

I've already managed to breed a vaporeon, it has 6 31 iv's, wasn't able to get it with zero attack unfortunately, or even an decreased IV.

How does this sound for it?

Water Absorb
Bold: 252 Hp, 252 def
Ice beam
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