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Your first ever shiny Pokemon

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User Info: Bellethor

2 years ago#1
Mine was a Muk in Leaf Green. Met him in the Pokemon Mansion. He lives on in this day in X/Y and has decent enough stats/nature to wreck on wifi.
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User Info: Surskit2907

2 years ago#2
Zubat in granite cave
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User Info: EX_Cirnochao222

2 years ago#3
Gyarados in some sort of watery depths of anger.

User Info: actuatedkarma

2 years ago#4
Sliggoo. Not a shiny since gen 4. I now have 10 of them.
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User Info: 3i33le23

2 years ago#5
First shiny that we caught and still have? Shiny Electrike in 1 egg.

First shiny caught but don't have anymore? Shiny Electabuzz in Platinum

First shiny that I found? Shiny Geodude in Diamond

User Info: Darkhero555

2 years ago#6
A shiny Tentacool in Leafgreen, I also encountered a shiny Zubat on a different playthrough.
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User Info: Rose_Mage

2 years ago#7
My first proper shiny was a Sneasel in White.

I was training at Giant Chasm when she came around...

...And now she is having fun in X.
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User Info: Kneesock

2 years ago#8
Gokurk, this gen... >.> Granted I might've unknowingly killed some as a kid in the earlier gens.
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User Info: MayaWright

2 years ago#9
Sandile in White 2, near Desert Resort area.
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User Info: SkyLey

2 years ago#10
I was searching for a Ditto in my old Emerald... and do you know what appears? A BLUE F****** DITTO!

f****** ditto because it transformed into my Suicune by mistake, so it became as hard as catch a wild legend, so I threw all my balls (like about 40 ultraballs) hoping for catching it, but no success...

I'm still sad about it, even after about ~7 years...
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