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What are all the pokemon type triangles?

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User Info: MalkyeaImbak

2 years ago#1
A pokemon type triangle is when one type is super effective to one of the types and not very effective to the other in the triangle.

Fire S.E on grass, Fire N.V.E on water
Water S.E on Fire, Water N.V.E on grass
Grass S.E on Water, Grass N.V.E on fire

Only other triangle I can think of is Flying, Fighting, Rock
Grass - Poison - Ground
Rock - Grass - Flying

(Immunities doesn't count as a triangle so Dark, Psychic, Fighting does not work)
(Flying Ice fighting doesn't work because ice doesn't resist flying)
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User Info: ReaccuringExtra

2 years ago#2
Maybe paper=flying and scissors=fighting?
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