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Pokemon Masters. You choose my next pokemon game! How exciting.

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User Info: Big_Nabendu

2 years ago#1
So when i was a wee lad me Nanny got Me a copy of blue. I loved it from the start. It forced me to get the red version then the yellow version. I got 147 pokemon on yellow before i left my friend borrow it. He put it in his super game boy and his sister kicked his super Nintendo. It all got erased. Then I got silver. I had a lot of fun. But through the process of multiple occasions of people starting new games on silver, I gave up on it.

However. I just recently purchased pokemon fire red and once again good memories are overwhelming me.

So I was wondering what game should I get next?
The remake of silver? Or something else.
Do you even praise the Sun bro?

User Info: _Tappor_2

2 years ago#2
"Saying your opinion makes it fact!" --Some people's mantras

User Info: Muffinz0rz

2 years ago#3
How does your friend's sister kicking the Super Nintendo erase your Game Boy file?
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User Info: The_RNG

2 years ago#4
Pokémon Dash.
RNG stands for "Random Number Goddess".
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User Info: Shafayat1234

2 years ago#5
Basically all the games you missed
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User Info: jamstaere08

2 years ago#6
>pokemon masters

User Info: HopesNo1Fan

2 years ago#7
Pokemon Conquest
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User Info: Yukiko__Amagi

2 years ago#8
Pokemon Trozei.
I think everyone has multiple sides to them. You don't have to force yourself to decide on just one.

User Info: hotcoldyay7

2 years ago#9
Pokemon Colosseum
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User Info: BandedAegislash

2 years ago#10
Pokemon Black an' Blue.
BannedAegislash here. Never be' hatin' on Zangoose or Aegi, or like Dragalage.
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