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What your least favorite Dragon? and why?

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User Info: Alphanumeric

3 years ago#11
goodra is worse than druddigon js

and druddigon is not even bad c:
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User Info: Keyblades4Real

3 years ago#12
I'm starting to dislike the type altogether because whenever I battle one all the person does is spam outrage. If I had to pick my least favorite of all time though it'd be Kyurem. It looks like an evil mutated cooked Turkey. My favorite is Dragonite though. Can't hate it.
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User Info: Bearacudda98

3 years ago#13
Overrated piece of garbage that dies to a glass of ICE water
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User Info: hodelino

3 years ago#14
Druddigon. It's ugly and bad competitive. Why they have to put this thing in the LE WOW Triple Battle?
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User Info: BadDecisions

3 years ago#15
Druddigon. Not just my last favorite Dragon, my last favorite Pokemon. Completely devoid of any design sense or actual purpose.
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User Info: The_Dragonw

3 years ago#16
Sliggoo is my least favourite Dragon altogether.

I find its design disturbing and it sucks.
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User Info: Natwaf_akidna

3 years ago#17

Previously it was Dragonite, but dat Multiscale is just too good.
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User Info: BluntGrunt

3 years ago#18
Goodra. I hate slugs, so it's a natural reaction. Bleh.
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User Info: rojse

3 years ago#19
Goodra for being the worst pseudo.
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User Info: fawful_X

3 years ago#20
MZard X is the poster child of overrated.
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