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Name one Pokemon and one bad thing that Pokemon could accidently do in real life

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User Info: Zero0X0

3 years ago#51

Eat all your food in your refrigerator and your neighbor's too

User Info: UmbreonGaming

3 years ago#52
Oompashoka posted...

Infest populations with it's stupid wolf-fetishes.
RIP TropiOUs and CaptainZangoose. You won't be missed.

User Info: MadDogRaid

3 years ago#53
Real-life JAWS
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User Info: game2002

3 years ago#54
Pikachu: Causes seizure and then blames it on Porygon.
Praise the Lord, our one true God!

User Info: JarieSuicune

3 years ago#55
I prefer a list... and not all "accidentally" do, but hey, maybe there's a reason life didn't evolve that way...

Metagross: Carnivorous Psychic Tank. (No more thought needed about that one: it just got hungry, and you are the menu)

(Mega) Gardevoir: Black Hole (Seriously, read up on the physics of that... bugger. And it makes me love her more! And she doesn't feel the pull of gravity.) Some idiot tries to kill her companion... too bad they didn't realize the consequences of the true power of love!

Dialga/Celebi: OP+commenters family lines never happened...?

Ditto: Identity crime made easy.

Porygon(2/Z): Cyber crime made easy.

Any higher-power Psychic: Mental takeover... The Pokemon trains YOU. Oh, and your mind is irreparable now, you're not coming back.

Voltorb/Electrode: Living, trainable, re-usable Bombs, a terrorist's dream.

Uxie/Azelf/Mesprit: Just read their Dex entries...

Jigglypuff: Puts idols out of business. Or sleeps them through their performance.

Magikarp: Evolves...

User Info: slothica

3 years ago#56

Rip apart the fabric of reality itself.
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User Info: pikachuboy7

3 years ago#57
Goodra, they like hugs... I don't think the receiver always likes the hugs
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User Info: MadameLuigi64

3 years ago#58
Mawile may break more than a few walls in his/her/its lifetime...
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User Info: Milennin

3 years ago#59

Mow down a mountain range.
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User Info: DarkKirby2500

3 years ago#60
Probably 100% of Pokemon could accidentally kill someone.
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