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Friend safari

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User Info: Lerwaa

2 months ago#1

I know it's maybe a little overdo, but i just started my pokemon xy story and now i would like to add as much friend codes as possible. For the friend safari of course. Add me;
Name; Leroy

Add me!

User Info: ghost_tails

1 month ago#2 may prove useful
Warning: User is known to the state of California to get preachy.
Official - You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

User Info: Guamsdylan

1 month ago#3
Here's mine and I'll add yours: 4055-8201-5891

User Info: Lerwaa

1 month ago#4
Guamsdylan posted...
Here's mine and I'll add yours: 4055-8201-5891

Thanks! I added you back. I have no idea wich pokemon will appear. I only know that it's type is normal.

User Info: CPLSeraphim

1 month ago#5
I added both of you.
IGN: CPLSeraphim
FC: 3368-5363-7142
FC: 3368-5363-7142; IGN CPLSeraphim
Safari Pokemon update when I find out

User Info: Myxthzero

1 month ago#6
Added u guys. Mine is 4957-5664-7223
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