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Friend Code Exchange! :D

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User Info: ElpollogabazXII

4 years ago#1
FC in sig. :D
Josepe, Mayor of HopePeak FC:4554-0946-9339
Playing: Dangan Ronpa, Animal Crossing:NL and Wii Party.

User Info: Skyt_Aura

4 years ago#2
Great! My FC is 5086 - 1654 - 0131. Name's Aura

I'll add everyone on this board :)

User Info: johnjobie

4 years ago#3
FC is on my sig, I'll add you guys, send me a pm if you have added mine
"I am thou and thou art I..."
My 3DS FC is 4184-2482-6730

User Info: Runeofnite

4 years ago#4
I added all of you guys! Mine's 4296-3006-6990.

User Info: YukiMew

4 years ago#5
3ds FC: 2680 9494 9743

User Info: Thundroramuh

4 years ago#6
0189-8463-7590, add me!

User Info: ElpollogabazXII

4 years ago#7
Added Everyone in this topic.
Foolish Fool who Foolishly reads this Foolish Foolishness.

User Info: Keyurai

4 years ago#8
mines in my sig ^^
PSN: Keyurai 3DS FC: 2638 0167 0079 Wii U ID: Keyurai

User Info: EddMario

4 years ago#9
We already have a topic for this:
"Responsibilities are an SMG dropped by the BNK3R." - VicVega26

User Info: Silva-Requiem

4 years ago#10
0860 4683 4585

I'll add you all, to any new posters, I'll be back the day before release so feel free to add me :)
Never fear the fall...
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