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Hard Reset

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User Info: Mnemosy

4 years ago#1
How do you do it? I tried up+select+b and it won't work.
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User Info: Oni_Tatsujin

4 years ago#2
Hard reset? That's pretty much the same as quitting the game from the Home menu or turning the 3DS off. I may be misunderstanding your question.

If you're thinking of a soft reset, that'd be L+R+Start+Select at the same time.
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User Info: Infernum_Audron

4 years ago#3
its up+x+b

User Info: AkoaysiGOD

4 years ago#4
Hold power button.
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User Info: Silver0Star

4 years ago#5
I think that what OP wants is the button combination to delete ones save. Up, select, B is the save delete combo for B/W/B2/W2.
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