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Pokemon Amie - A Primer

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rkenshin13 posted...
I have a question myself: Tile Puzzle Hard difficulty

So, I'm playing and I get the time down to 1:05, 4 1/2 Stars.

Then I get the bright idea to dual stylus so I don't have to move my pointer so far, my fingers are too fat to use them on the small tiles.

Anyway, I get the time down to 51 seconds and still ONLY 4 1/2 stars. I don't know if it's a glitch or what, but if getting it down to less than 50 seconds doesn't get me 5 stars I feel like something is wrong.

Sorry for that, I did have a question:

Has anyone got 5 stars on it? And if so, what was your record time that got you 5 stars?

I have, and I believe you have to complete the puzzle in less than 50 seconds for 5 stars.

Oddly enough, I'm getting the feeling nowhere near enough testing was done on this part of the game, seeing how impossibly hard Tile Puzzle is on Unlimited, as I'm still yet to get past the 6th puzzle. (2 stars. SERIOUSLY!?!) Those time constraints are way too tight, dammit! >.<

EDIT: Alright, well it seems I somehow managed to solve 11 puzzles after posting this, netting a score of 3373 points and 4 stars. However, given the ever-tightening constraints, I still stand by saying that this is impossibly hard, certainly as far as racking-up a 5-star score goes, anyway.
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User Info: Androvinus

3 years ago#42
some important things to add

Forgive me if they have been mentioned before

1. You will not always get the same tier pokepuff or higher when you leave one out for visitors.
I just received a tier 2 for my tier 4 which was left out

2. You will burn calories by playing games. (your pokemon's fullness will decrease) This also increases your enjoyment. This way you can just feed up your pokemon, then play a few rounds of games then feed them up some more. This will raise your affection in minutes.

3. The pokemon adjacent to you main amie pokemon in the party will be drawn into the mini games. At least this seems to be the case for berry picker and head it. They will also gain enjoyment and burn calories at the same time as the main pokemon. This way you can effectively train the affection of 3 pokes at once. Make sure to feed all 3 before starting back at the minigames.

Now we just need to figure out how decorations affect getting items.

EDIT: I realize that the OP has said that the pokemon are pulled into the minigames at random. If that is true, I may have found something even better. The reason why I am consecutively getting the same 3 pokemon into the games may be because the other 3 pokemon in my party are already at maximum affection. This would meant that you can focus on training any 3 of your choosing at a time as long as you have 3 with max affection already.
I havent tested this much though. And I might not get around to doing so for a while. So try it for yourself and see if it works.
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User Info: Jahozafat117

3 years ago#43
to those wondering if Pokémon Amie helps in any way towards friendship for friendship evolutions, I don't believe it does and here is why:


I tried to evolve an Eevee into Sylveon once, maxed out Pokémon Amie hearts, but had forgotten that it needed a fairy type move to evolve and thus, didn't have one on it. I level up Eevee twice without a fairy type move, and it doesn't try to evolve at all. If it does have any effect on friendship at all, it may as well be nonexsistant as far as I'm concerned.
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User Info: pPLnOmE

3 years ago#44
You didn't mention the Supreme Honor PokePuff which you usually gain 3 each time you defeat the elite 4 plus champ shortly after doing so, while in pokemon amie.
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User Info: FFFanatic1234

3 years ago#45
How are you supposed to do the thing where you make faces in Amie?

I've never figured it out.
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User Info: Androvinus

3 years ago#46
FFFanatic1234 posted...
How are you supposed to do the thing where you make faces in Amie?

I've never figured it out.

1.Hold up your ds to your face and look at the bottom screen
2.Make sure there is a lot of light around you.
3.When you see the face icon in the bottom left corner, it means that your face has been recognized
4.Here's the hard part. While the icon is up, make silly faces. Wink your eyes, smile, open your mouth etc
5. Eventually the game will start and indicators will pop up telling you what faces to make.
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User Info: zeroexev30

3 years ago#47
jonnovision1 posted...
there's nothing that implies color/flavor is even relevant

there was an NPC that said each pokemon had a flavor it likes
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User Info: Houle

3 years ago#48
I followed a semi-guide that was on reddit. Essentially what it said was that flavours don't matter, all that matters was tiers (as TC had stated) and then it went into how to power level. All my pokemon are at max hearts, fullness, and enjoyment from it.

Essentially unlock head-it's last stage and do relatively well in it for an easy 5 pokepuffs.

1. Pick a pokemon and rubba dub dub
2. Feed it until it says no more or you run out of food.
3. Play the head-it game two or three times to get it hungry again
4. Pet it until notes come out (it will release a single heart right before giving out notes)
5. Feed it
6. repeat

Just keep in mind that all pokemon featured in the mini game do have their stats affected (hunger and enjoyment) and so far I haven't read anything about hunger or not petting it lowering the affection stat - or the affection stat being lowered at all.

As for credit, I don't know if I can link to reddit but it's on the pokemon subreddit by the poster QuestionAxer
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Don't ask how, but I somehow managed to beat Puzzle 12 on Tile Puzzle's Unlimited difficulty, barely making the last required match at 00:00! I only managed to beat one more puzzle after that, but didn't have enough time to finish the 14th, and the game had the nerve to drop a 4½-star rating on me.

I swear, if one has to accomplish the IMPOSSIBLE (and I really mean it this time) task of beating Puzzle 15 just to get 5-stars, someone at TPC needs a bloody good spanking for being the horrible little troll that they are!
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User Info: FFFanatic1234

3 years ago#50

The berry game is definitely the best for Unlimited 5-starring. I don't know the minimum, but I know 100 berries are enough. That's pathetically easy, especially with the reduced berry variety from Hard.

The head game is still the most fun for me. I like twitchy reaction games, but it needs a pretty high score for 5-stars.
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