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Legendary Birds

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User Info: ChaosUnown

3 years ago#1
I've never been good with finding the roaming legendaries (Except maybe for Diamond because your watch shows you exactly where they are without having to open the pokedex every time).

Are there any tips on running into them while they hop around the routes? I'm currently on the search for Zapdos.
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User Info: SyCo_VeNoM

3 years ago#2
was a PITA for me to get that sucker easiest way I found was to fly to the city he seems to usually frequent a route near, and check the pokedex. If he isn't there just fly again to the same city, and repeat. It took me 30-40 mins after I stopped trying to fly all over chasing him to get him that way

Also once you get to the route check the pokedex (so wish there was a fast way to check...) to make sure he is there, and after 3 encounters check it again as he might have left (happened to me a few times)

User Info: ayepakur

3 years ago#3
The roaming birds are just like any other roaming pokemon; sometimes they'll stick to a simple route, going from one to the next; sometimes they'll jump from somewhere like route 7 to route 22.
If you fly, the birds will jump. However, if you change locations (routes) then the roaming birds won't have a chance of moving to another location.
After encountering whatever bird you're trying to chase 11 times (if I recall), then it will go to the Sea Spirit's Den, and is then battle-able.
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