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EV lowering berries?

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User Info: Dangeta

3 years ago#1
Wondering if anyone can tell me where to find them. Thanks in advance.
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User Info: 1nternationa7

3 years ago#2
Why not just get the EV reset punching bag?
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User Info: Jigglybuff

3 years ago#3
1nternationa7 posted...
Why not just get the EV reset punching bag?

I have playeed for hours, and discarded dozens of damn bags. I have yet to see a reset bag.
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User Info: VenomousX

3 years ago#4
You get them by using the berry field to create "Mutations" - Basically, planting certain berries near each other can make them "mutate" into other berries. Among these are the EV berries.

More details and the specific combinations can be found here:

Note: EV berries are: Grepa, Hondew, Kelpsy, Pomeg, Qualot, and Tamato.
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