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Extra Shiny, Moon and Dusk stones...

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User Info: Magnetronous

4 years ago#1
Where can I get them to fill my Pokédex? Is there like a Pokémon that holds them? Thanks for the replies.
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User Info: SC6

4 years ago#2
as far as I know, play the extra super training missions with a pokemon that has max EV
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User Info: Catalyst586

4 years ago#3
Secret Super Training go through it with a mon whos fully EV Trained
Aegislash for Dusk
Gallade for Dawn
Roserade for Shiny
Don't Know about Moon Stones

User Info: Baruch_S

4 years ago#4
I don't know why Game Freak has to make some evo stones so hard to find. It's great that we at least have a way to get unlimited stones in this game (if you're willing to spend the time farming Super Training), but is there any reason why the evo stone shop can't just sell everything?
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User Info: JoeVN09

4 years ago#5
Could one obtain sun stones in this way?
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