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All dog pokemon

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User Info: pokemaniac1342

3 years ago#21
They are legendary gerbils
the leter lmnop is betr than d so i gots to pik paruriila
yai1 paruriila is woning!is 4 bigr than 6/
- darpgmaster

User Info: Adidas2468

3 years ago#22
There's also absol and zoroark. Smeargle. Mienshao, and the eeveelutions are debatable.

User Info: Adidas2468

3 years ago#23
O and delphox and lucario

User Info: saturninebear

3 years ago#24
I've never been convinced Arcanine is a canine. Just cause he's got that in his english name. He looks like a Lion crossed with a Tiger.
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User Info: DrSteeze

3 years ago#25
Mienfoo/Mienshao, Riolu/Lucario, Poochyena/Mightyena, and some debatable ones are Jolteon/Umbreon/Flareon, and Absol.
Stay Steezy! Playing Pokemon Y!
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User Info: nuke2099

3 years ago#26
I really wish people would stop saying sabertooth tiger....there really was no such thing.

Raikou is a sabertooth cat, not tiger but CAT

The proper name for the classic sabertooth is Smilodon Fatalis. Also Mightyena is a Hyena and their not even part of the canine group.
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