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Should I just wait?

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User Info: shiniesfan

3 years ago#1
I finally finished my competitive team and I'm dying to battle. The thing is I want to add Starmie to my team and it's HA is not available yet so, should I just wait for PokeBank or should I just train a natural cure (which is not bad at all)?

I never breed a genderless pokemon but I know it takes longer than the usual breeding because you can only use ditto and in my Pokemon Black I have a Timid/Analytic Staryu

So, what do you say?
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User Info: Rockdrigo221

3 years ago#2
I can trade you a flawless 5IV staryu, natural cure for now if you want.

If you do, i would request another 5IV :3 in the meantime if you only want the staryu until pokebank comes out, or permanently if you prefer. I'm asking for something in return because breeding a flawless genderless is harder than normal lol
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User Info: stealthwolf22

3 years ago#3
Wait I was thinking the +30% att. for phy. not Special.
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