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Why do I keep seeing people asking for "Protein" Frogs?

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  3. Why do I keep seeing people asking for "Protein" Frogs?

User Info: saturninebear

3 years ago#1
It's again and again.... is it really such a difficult word for people?
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User Info: Heroo1234567891

3 years ago#2
who knows here ya go
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User Info: OddiumWanderus

3 years ago#3
Protean is Froakie's hidden Ability. The word "protean" is an actual word essentially meaning "able to change often".

It's powerful because it essentially allows Froakie to always have STAB on all of its attacks, and can be used to give Froakie immunities/resistances to the opponent its currently facing, giving it both offensive and defensive capability.
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User Info: Stryfe2185

3 years ago#4

User Info: gamemaster712

3 years ago#5
Made kecleon better...
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User Info: BennyWhatever

3 years ago#6
Speelling iz hard.
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User Info: MeddlingMage22

3 years ago#7
Lol, welcome to gfaqs - where reading is common, but comprehension is not.

Love the guy that googled the serebii entry for it, lmao. And I thought I suffer from ADD...

Obviously the TC is asking why misspell something simple like that. Elementary, watson... either:
A. it's a kid spelling it, so they don't care about looking stupid.
B. they're an adult, with real learning disabilities.
C. they're an adult, with no learning disabilities, but doesn't read
D. it's a sad attempt to be cute.

Personally, I love that thing. Got hidden power Steel on my first one, which led to shennanigans with Shadow Sneak. Now if only I could get a shiny one w the right nature...
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User Info: SuperNerdSoren

3 years ago#8
I've never seen "protean" used outside of the game before, so of course I'm going to make a spelling mistake with that sometimes. God, you people need to take a chill pill when you see a spelling error instead of assuming that the person has a disability/can't read/is trying to be cute/is a "stupid" little kid.
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  3. Why do I keep seeing people asking for "Protein" Frogs?

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