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Your first ever shiny Pokemon caught with your own luck.

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User Info: gamemaster712

3 years ago#11
Geodude in silver
Caterpie in FR.
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User Info: Semiramis13

3 years ago#12
Got my first shiny pokemon in friend safari it was the 3rd pokemon I ran into.. Shiny pumpkaboo or whatever.. It's an annoying pokemon but still a shiny!! I'm guessing odds of catching a shiny increases when your playing friend safari since there are limited pokemon you can see at a time

User Info: Raltrios

3 years ago#13
First shiny I ever encountered was a Tentacrul in a friend's Gold version. I accidentally killed it with confusion :/

But a long time later I caught a pink Nidorina in my own Gold. I was so happy I evolved it right away...only to be mildly disgusted by a green Nidoqueen.
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User Info: SuperMarioFan

3 years ago#14
The only shinies I've caught on my own were in this gen, in Y. From a couple of friend safaris: a Pinsir and a Helioptile. They were within an hour of eachother too, and I hadn't realized until reorganizing my boxes after finishing the safaris.

Other than that, the only shinies I've seen were either part of the story (Red Gyrados) or given away in mystery events (the legendary dog trio).
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User Info: KitViccen

3 years ago#15
An Eevee in Y. Was trying to find a female and kept running into males. At one point during the encounters, my little sister jokingly says "It's a shiny Eevee" and then I looked at my game and saw a gray eevee. I had to double take a few times and then said "This thing really is shiny!!" She thought it was kidding around until I caught it and showed her the star. Was actually pretty funny.
X/Y - IGN: Victoria FC: 4613-7655-0187, Dark: Vullaby, Cacturne, Absol

User Info: TPBFan99

3 years ago#16
I've had less and less luck with shinies with each gen:
Pichu, Sentret and Zubat in Silver
Seedot in Ruby
Tentacool in Emerald
Starly in Pearl
Flabebe in Y

User Info: Stefan1277

3 years ago#17
A starly at the beginning of my second run of Pokemon Diamond. That was my first shiny ever.

Then I got a snubull early this playthrough of Y, and just yesterday I found a shiny Sandslash!
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User Info: Mikokiri

3 years ago#18
Noctowl.... In the safari zone.... Didn't catch it because... You know, it's the safari zone.
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User Info: coran12345

3 years ago#19
I encountered and caught a shiny Loudred back in Sapphire, but it was using a friend's cartridge so I couldn't keep it :(

Never seen a shiny since.
Friend Safari: Quallidin, Tangela, Swadloon FC: 1332-8279-0325 IGN: Coran

User Info: occupine

3 years ago#20
shiny blue basculin from a 6 fishing chain... its my only one so far
Pokemon Y FC 4914-3689-7500
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