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Your first ever shiny Pokemon caught with your own luck.

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User Info: TohruAdachi260

3 years ago#41
Bibarel in pokemon pearl.
3DS FC: 2406-5662-3110
Friend Safari: Fire type magmar, charmeleon, fletchinder

User Info: SandmanNo666

3 years ago#42
I caught a shiny Geodude on silver and a shiny Cubchoo on black. That's it. I still own silver, and that Golem, but Beartic is forever gone...

User Info: knep57

3 years ago#43
First one I ever caught was probably a shiny tentacool. First one I ever saw was a shiny lairon but the bastard used roar... :( I couldn't sleep that night.

User Info: mrwokawokawoka

3 years ago#44
I've been playing since R/B/Y but the only shiny I've ever encountered was a sneasel in diamond... Sadly no pokeballs. ACTUALLY, there was this one time when I was young (and very stupid) I had bought an AR and me and my friend were fooling around. He wanted to try so I let him have it. Once my game restarted AR free, I ran into a shiny Psyduck. Caught it, and still sitting in my platinum. Other than that, all my efforts to breed mm have been a fail. 1500 eggs for larvitar and nothing, along with 800 Beldum eggs and nothing.
Gonna start breeding now in XY with my 6iv shiny Japanese ditto once I get my 3ds back.
Have a low mark in science class :F
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User Info: dessy1245

3 years ago#45
My first ever shiny was a skitty in pokemon Y I named it skittlez coz its a boy tehe
FC: 1306-6749-3036
IGN: dezza

User Info: Haydos823

3 years ago#46
The first one i caught was a Magmar in Pokemon Y in the friend safari but the first i saw was a Hariyama in emerald but i didn't have any Pokeballs

User Info: immortuirattie

3 years ago#47
My first ever shiny was a Caterpie during my first 20 minutes of HeartGold. I named him Donovan!

User Info: Alexlightning77

3 years ago#48
shiny shinx in platinum. i used black flute too, so i had half the chance normal ppl would have o.O
FS: i have no idea with my new 2ds. FC: 3797-7730-6789

User Info: CaptainLevi187

3 years ago#49
My first shiny was a Rufflet in White Version. I evolved it into Braviary and now I'm waiting for Bank to come out so I can trade it over to my Y

User Info: xanderfox

3 years ago#50
WHAYYYYYYY Back in Pokemon Silver(GB) My very very first was a Gravler.
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