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Your first ever shiny Pokemon caught with your own luck.

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User Info: basedjam

3 years ago#81
The only two I've come across randomly were both Sunkern in the bug-catching park, which came 10+ years apart in Silver and HeartGold
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User Info: lucariofan23

3 years ago#82
I encountered a random Tranquil in Black version... I was extremely excited, and it basically became my flier. xD

User Info: Terrabell

3 years ago#83
In diamond i caught ia shiny bidoof while messing around, i knew a little bit about shinies and how rare they are so i caught it, sadly it was lost when i erased me file, along with the blue psyduck too :(
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User Info: EmbraceOblivion

3 years ago#84
I think mine was a golbat that I caught in Sapphire in victory on my way to the pkm league. I don't have it anymore though, since I started a new game without thinking.
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User Info: stalksieg

3 years ago#85
Wild shiny Onix in HeartGold. There's about 20 pokemon I'd like to try my luck and MM in this generation since I heard the odds have been getting better. It will be my first attempt to breed one.

User Info: jacka123

3 years ago#86
Zigzagoon in pokemon ruby
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User Info: ShadowShaymin95

3 years ago#87
My first was a Golduck I caught in pokemon black
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User Info: NeoFalconHavok

3 years ago#88
a luvdisc >_>
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User Info: _Synergy_

3 years ago#89
first ever shiny was Dragalge when fishing
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User Info: dustybear

3 years ago#90
My earliest memory of a shiny was a poliwhirl. I thought to myself cool, but why does everyone wanna collect these when they most likely have the same poke already and its never the best stat wise. Lol just a thought.
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