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Your first ever shiny Pokemon caught with your own luck.

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User Info: BlakeStar10

3 years ago#91
Ledyba in Y i was so suprised i walked in the flowers of route 4 (first time) first pokemon shiny ledyba
My FC is 0963-0092-5734 Pokemon Y, my FS is Normal with Lillipup, Loudred and Ditto.

User Info: tai2687

3 years ago#92
I've been playing since R/B/Y.

First wild shiny I caught was in HeartGold. I came across a Wooper. Upon playing Y I caught a Magneton and a Skrelp in the same day, so I got that going for me I guess.
~ Sincerely, Rev. Edward. Gamertag: That Edward DDDA Pawn: Hawke
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User Info: AliceisMadness

3 years ago#93
A shiny Ditto on Silver Version.

User Info: distortionist93

3 years ago#94
I caught a shiny rattata in black 2
FC: 4725-8175-7610

User Info: Ansem_the_evil

3 years ago#95
drowzee in gold
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User Info: Pannekoek7

3 years ago#96
Lol played every single game, 1st shiny ever: lunatone in y. It doesnt even look that different ( yay i have blue eyes -.-)

User Info: toma13

3 years ago#97
My girlfriend caught a shiny Carbink the first time she ever encountered one, two days after getting the game. She didn't even realize she had it until a couple months later when she was going through her boxes.

The only shiny I ever got on my own was a Rattata that I bred myself back in Diamond. I've never seen a wild one, but I've had people give me a few on the GTS and wonder trade,
Username for pretty much everything: BngryBt

User Info: Cha0sFerret

3 years ago#98
Tentacool in Sapphire. Ran into it while chasing Latias around. To this day, it is my only legitimate shiny.

Also, my first post :)

User Info: Faellin

3 years ago#99
Few days ago I ran into a shiny pikachu in the forest area.

User Info: bloo2

3 years ago#100
Magikarp while ev training a bagon in emerald a long time ago.
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