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So All DS and 3DS Pokemon games = all pokemon?

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User Info: Trancer Hunter

Trancer Hunter
3 years ago#1
just curious if with all DS and 3DS pokemon games are you able to catch them all so far or did you still need to collect those in Fire/Green and Sapphire/Ruby?

User Info: Ansem_the_evil

3 years ago#2
Since you can get the hoenn weather trio from HG/SS and the legendary golems in BW2 I belive you dont need any gen 3 games to complete the dex
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User Info: Xynaxus64

3 years ago#3
Actually, you can technically complete the Dex using just a Gen 6 game, thanks to the wonders of the GTS.
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User Info: xanderfox

3 years ago#4
Actually no, you still won't be able to get any "Special" Pokemon except for Mew and that is IF you also have My Pokemon Ranch for Wii. All the pokemon determined to be "Special" are Blocked from being offered on the GTS, you have to trade directly for them or get them from Nintendo distributions, which of course the older games will NEVER have again.
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