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So why is Pokemon X so high on the boards?

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User Info: teeebz

3 years ago#1
And Y isn't in top 10. I'm thinking of getting one of them. Is X that much popular?
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User Info: PkmnTrainerAZ

3 years ago#2
Its just that X is higher up on the drop-down list
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User Info: ghost_tails

3 years ago#3
X is more popular, but that doesn't mean anything, really. Gameplay and story-wise, the two are pretty much identical. The difference is that there are a few Pokemon that appear in one and not the other. For example, Dragalge can only be caught in Y while Clawitzer can only be caught in X. Each of these version exclusives has a counterpart that can only be caught in the other game. There are a few Mega Stones that act the same way.

The reason X gets more attention is because you always say it first. When people think of buying one, they automatically go for X first, because it's listed first. Same thing happened for Red with Red and Blue, Gold for Gold and Silver, Ruby for Ruby and Sapphire, Diamond for Diamond and Pearl, and Black for Black and White. Because it gets more attention, more people visit that page, giving it even more attention while Y gets very little. This does keep the Y boards more on topic, though, so that's nice.
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User Info: Bearacudda98

3 years ago#4
Personally I think Y is better If only for Yveltal (although you get Xerneas through the GTS) who is much much cooler than some silly fairy deer
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User Info: CaptainZangoose

3 years ago#5
ghost_tails posted...
For example, Dragalge can only be caught in Y.

This is why ye get X, Dragalge be' the ugliest, most useless Pokemon in the seven seas.

User Info: gamemaster712

3 years ago#6
Zard X.
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User Info: Lucario39

3 years ago#7
teeebz posted...
And Y isn't in top 10. I'm thinking of getting one of them. Is X that much popular?

It's the same with most of the Pokémon games that were released simultaneously. People will buy more of one than the other for different reasons, and this time, it happened to be X. So, the X board started off being bigger, and with time, people drifted over there from the Y board, since the X board, having more people, moved faster. And as the X board sped up, the Y board slowed down. Heck, I'm kind of surprised that this board still gets posts.

Personally, I have both X and Y, but had Y first (and it's still my main file). Take a look at the differences in each version, weigh which one has the most appealing content, and get that one. If you so desire, get the other one after, or you can trade to get the things from the other game.
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User Info: TastyOrifiel

3 years ago#8
It's common sense that there's no real reason why it should be split 50/50 when the two games are practically the same.
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User Info: MadDogRaid

3 years ago#9
Because X's Storyline is sane
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