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Shiny Pokemon

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User Info: JimAlucard

2 years ago#1
What are the first three shiny pokemon you caught or acquired after you started X and Y? I have only got three myself so far. A Red Striped Basculin from fishing, Cresselia through Wonder Trade, and a Exeggcute from Route 12 without the Poke Radar.

User Info: Ninpin

2 years ago#2
Audino from FS when I was catching breeding Dittos.
Grumpig from FS when I was catching Espurrs for HA.
Ditto from my first successful chain in Pokemon Village.

I have a few others, but those were the first three I think...

...but I literally just caught a black Furfrou I've been hunting for the last couple of days! So happy!
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User Info: misty_lax

2 years ago#3
Hmm... Got a Shiny Foongus in a Hordes, a Shiny Ursaring while randomly training pokemons, and the third one was another Shiny Foongus in a Horde (same location as the first one XD)
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User Info: newboydanny

2 years ago#4
I only have 2 shiny Pokemon from Pokemon Y. My first was a green Druddigon from victory road and the other is a green shell Squirtle from breeding (which I almost wonder traded away).
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User Info: CornishGhost

2 years ago#5
floette in friend safari
politoed (fishing streak)
staryu on gts
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User Info: ClodStrofe

2 years ago#6
Shiny Skrelp
Shiny Spiritomb traded to me
And i've currently been breeding for a shiny Vulpix but alas, it hasn't been doing that well

User Info: xanderfox

2 years ago#7
I got a shiny Gurrdurr

User Info: darkshadowspawn

2 years ago#8
Charizard - Giveaway
Hoothoot - Friend Safari
Chinchou - Gift because it was level 100 and the other wanted it to evolve
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User Info: JimAlucard

2 years ago#9
Recently I got a shiny Raikou and Entei through the GTS and I can see why I got them by just trading Pokerus infected pokemon. Both had bad stats in all the skills they should be strong in.

User Info: xris489

2 years ago#10
@JimAlucard - i think having those 2 Legendary Dogs are great for your Dex since you can't just get them easily.

- i got 5 shiny pokes so far.
- Charizard from GTS (yeah he just wanted a Mamoswine lv51 so I caught a Pilo and evolved it and rare candy'd it and traded it - good thing the Charizard is 5 IVs good)
- bred beldum (shiny Metagross now)
- bred bagon (yes! 3 ivs but still, yes!)
- wt magikarp
- horde encounter wishmur
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