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gen 7 pokemon

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User Info: darkspiker

3 years ago#1
what pokemon do u want to see whether be new concepts or evolve no megas those r not new pokemon

User Info: webspace

3 years ago#2
a poison type legend
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User Info: TheShinyTrader

3 years ago#3
a dark type gym
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User Info: the_simurgh

3 years ago#4
a gym full of that kid where he switches type efficiency just for something not formulaic.
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User Info: hotcoldyay7

3 years ago#5
Definitely want to see a more challenging mode where the CPU trainers will predict your moves and switch out and use items as well as the player does. I also want to see gyms with non-single battles, like rotation, double, and triple.

To be honest, though, I just want another game that's similar to the style of Pokemon Colosseum, with he smart combinations of the CPUs and the double battles.
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