Save game corrupted...

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User Info: jimengrocks

4 years ago#1
So when I was playing the game it turned of on me. When I went back it said it was corrupted. I know there isn't much to do but is there a way to find a restore point in the save file? Since the game does autosave.

User Info: dejavu1982

4 years ago#2
Why do some people still not save to the cloud as a back up save is beyond me. These problems wouldn't be still happening. If you don't know how just go to dashboard after each session or whenever,then go to hard drive and select your game save file and copy to cloud, remember will only work if you have the cloud saving on.

User Info: HornedSpartan

4 years ago#3
You have to be a gold member in order too use cloud save.
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  3. Save game corrupted...

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